Bobbi Brown's Natural Finish (need other suggestions)
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I live in a small Canadian town. I don't live near a Sephora store.


I am extremely disappointed right now because I can't order Bobbi Brown's Foundation Stick or her Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation. I tried ordering it online, I got to the Canadian Checkout and it said it 'could not process my order because I selected items that are Canada Restricted'.   Why?? :'(  Bobbi Brown's official website doesn't even ship internationally........


Any suggestions for products similar to her Foundation Stick & her Natural Finish foundation? I have MUFE HD but it has a pink undertone and does nothing to camaflouge my redness....I also wanted a formula that easily applies with any foundation brush. One of the experts told me the Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation was what I wanted....


Please, really appreciate recommendations. (I'm very fair, combo)



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