Bobbi Brown's Natural Finish (need other suggestions)
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I live in a small Canadian town. I don't live near a Sephora store.


I am extremely disappointed right now because I can't order Bobbi Brown's Foundation Stick or her Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation. I tried ordering it online, I got to the Canadian Checkout and it said it 'could not process my order because I selected items that are Canada Restricted'.   Why?? :'(  Bobbi Brown's official website doesn't even ship internationally........


Any suggestions for products similar to her Foundation Stick & her Natural Finish foundation? I have MUFE HD but it has a pink undertone and does nothing to camaflouge my redness....I also wanted a formula that easily applies with any foundation brush. One of the experts told me the Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation was what I wanted....


Please, really appreciate recommendations. (I'm very fair, combo)



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Ugh, I feel your pain. I am originally from small town Newfoundland. Do you have a local Shoppers Drug Mart? La Roche Posay sells a line for neutralizing redness. Unfortunately, I do not think there is anything that compares to these Bobbi Brown products that you would be able to get locally. Unless you can get Estée Lauder, because she has the new Invisibe Fluid Makeup which you could pair with La Roche Posay Toleriane Foundation for spot cover up.
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