Best mascara for darkening lashes?

I have naturally really long and curly lashes, but I'm also a natural blonde so my lashes are very light. When I wear eyeliner I have to use a dark mascara otherwise it looks like there's a gap between my liner and lashes since the tops of my lashes are blonde.


I've been using Tarte's Gifted mascara, which I like but I don't love. The tube is starting to dry out (even though I've only had it about 2 months) and I'm in the market for a new mascara. I do NOT need anything that volumizes, lengthens, or curls. What I do need is a mascara to blacken my lashes without clumping or flaking. I wear contacts so it's really important the mascara doesn't flake in my eyes.


I've tried Blinc's tubing mascara and Buxom's mascara and didn't like either of those. Anyone have any other suggestions?

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Definitely the YSL faux cils, or the YSL shocking or the Dior Black out. Hope this helps!

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Like Diana said, short of getting a professional lash tint job, try to find mascaras that have richer, blacker, deeper pigments, like Diorshow's Black Out:


Korres also has another one, aside from the one Diana mentioned, and it's their Deep Colour Mascara:

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Oooh, I might try the Korres one, thank you! And yeah, I don't want to spend a lot of money getting my lashes tinted every few weeks. Black mascara and tightlining with black eyeliner has worked for me so far! Thanks. Smiley Happy

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Hi lreagan, 


Aside from getting a professional lash tint to darken your lashes, I'd suggest that a tubing mascara will be the best option for you. I have allergies and wear contacts too so I know how it feels to have clumpy dry mascara flaking into your eyes-NOT fun at all! My tips for the light lashed gals I'd apply makeup to would be an extra coat on the top lash line to disguise the lightness on the top of the eyes Smiley Happy


Other than a tubing mascara (since you already tried Blinc, Buxom and there's also a too Faced one that is more for volumizing) you may like the Korres Volcanic Minerals Mascara. It has a slightly more volumizing effect but is more natural and super dark, with a smudge and flake free fin



Another mascara to try would be the Clinique Naturally Glossy which is super basic and gives a dark, glossy finish to your lashes.


Clinique - Naturally Glossy Mascara


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Best mascara for darkening lashes?

That Clinique one looks perfect! Thanks so much for your suggestion. Smiley Happy

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You're welcome! My apologies the image for the Korres mascara didn't show up, but the Clinique Glossy mascara is great for a basic definition without too much emphasis to volumizing or lengthening. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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