Best Highlight, and brush?

I am looking for a nice highlight color.


What's a nice color highlight for a "medium skin tone" and which brush do you recommend to use with?


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I find that creams and liquids look better than powder.  I like this one.  I buff it in with a dense foundation brush.


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I second that! This one is my favorite!!! And I TOTALLY agree liquid highlights look better than shimmery powder. It looks more natural too and doesn't make you look like a disco ball!

My second favorite is a bit more expensive but BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector SPF 25+. They have four dffnt colors so for medium skintones (I have medium skin tone as well) my favorite is Opal, a golden peachy color. And Moonstone is pretty also..its a gold color.upload_4460490255399424390.jpg


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Hi lulupiee,


Are you looking for a powder or a cream highlighter? Below are some of my favorites:


Illamasqua Gleam Cream (Aurora)-Cream


NARS Albatross-Powder



Benefit Girl Meets Pearl-Creamupload_1707542451491529833.jpg


As far as brushes go, I usually will use my fingers for cream products, I just find that this is the best method. For powders I've been using a kabuki brush a good 90% of the time for the perfect amount of product. 




Whimsically yours,

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