Best Foundation for Combination skin more oily side

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I am oily in my T zone and normal everywhere else. I breakout a lot in my T zone. I hate powder foundations because they just look cakey over my normal skin. I used to think I have had dry skin until I went to a sephora and they told me I had combination. After changing my skincare routine, I dont know what foundation will work to moisturize my dry areas and to control my T zone since I never knew I had dry skin. I hate powder foundation in philosophy and bare minerals (original) because they just looked cakey on me. I only want sheer to moderate coverage or at least a natural look so I dont look like I have a bunch of makeup on ahhh

Re: Best Foundation for Combination skin more oily side

Hi Angiee0215,


I totally understand your frustration, there are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right foundation for your skin type.


Given the concerns you've stated I feel these following formulas would compliment your skin the best.


Try using a sponge around areas that have texture like on and around your T-zone. When you stipple the foundation on with a sponge it helps to decrease the look of cakeyness. 



Oil Free Foundation
This highly pigmented foundation can be applied lightly for a sheer finish, or layered for fuller coverage. Each shade was designed to enhance the natural undertones of the skin. Ideal for all skin types.





reakthrough Performance Foundation
What it is:
An oil-free anti-aging foundation with SPF 14.

What it does:
Get flawless coverage on or off the Red Carpet while pampering your skin. LORAC's Breakthrough Performance Oil-Free Anti-Aging Foundation with SMS Complex and SPF 14 combines pre-aging, anti-aging, hydrating, and smoothing ingredients along with antioxidants to help skin appear youthful, rejuvenated, and radiant.


Hope these two products fall under what your looking for.


All the best,


Gilbert S

Sephora PRO

Re: Best Foundation for Combination skin more oily side

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I couldn't agree more with Gilbert's recommendations. We use this stippling technique with sponges very often when we as a team are backstage at NY Fashion Week. It's a great way to get added coverage where needed without using a lot of product. I would really recommend trying a sponge like this. It's the Sephora Collection Precision Sponge. A must have!



Precision Sponge 



Sephora PRO



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