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Received a sample and liked Bare minerals matte in light. Good match for my face.  My neck and the rest of my body are the medium gold shade.  With my liquid foundation I go darker, but am wondering if i can with a mineral foundation. Or should I just stay with the light and use a bronzes ( which I have a ton of, lol) was just trying to skip a step on some days.  Never realized  it actually takes longer to apply mineral makeup as apposed to liquid.  Also should I stick with their primer?  I use tartes at the time.

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If the Light Matches your face I agree with your idea of using a little bronzer to blend it with your neck/body color, and perhaps blending some of your foundation onto your neck and chest to further match things.


I usually find going a shade darker is worse for me, but also bc it can oxidize a bit.


Finally, I notice the shade difference is less key with mineral make up than with say, liquid.  You apply less and it's more translucent, so it's usually a little less critical.

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Go in store and get matched love! Make sure that it matches your body! Interesting that you think it takes long for a mineral, I am 2x faster with my mineral powders. 

I am not a fan of BM Primer. 


If you have Combination, acne prone, or oily skin, Smashbox's Photo Finish More Than Primer Blemish Control Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment is for you! This stuff is a good BHA and does amazing things! If you have dryer skin, I would say Urban Decay's Brightening & Tightening Complexion Primer Potion does wonders. 

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