Balding Eyebrows..?!
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Hey girls!


Recently I've noticed that the head of my left eyebrow is balding AGAIN. I have had this issue once before this year, and it really ticks me off. The brow finally grew back, and it just started to bald again. I don't understand it. I have never had any issues with my right eyebrow. Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions? Are there any natural things I can do to help and prevent this? What about any products you can purchase? Please help! School starts Tuesday, and I know they won't be back to normal by then, but I still would like them to grow back. Thank you so much!


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I think this could be a medical issue. I would see a dermatologist. Also, sounds weird, but thinning brows is a sign problems with a thyroid gland. Don't get worried, but you might want to check it out with your doctor and a simple blood test. Good luck.
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