Hello Girls! I am interested in feedback and opinions on BBCreams. Dr.Jart WaterFuse, Dr.Jart Brown Tube, Smashbox, TooFaced, Dior, Missha and Clinique.. I have tried Dr.Jart Blue Tube 3/5, Dr.Jart Brown Tube 4/5, TooFaced 2/5 (on 1-5 Stars MyOpinion) I am more interested in knowing if anyone has tried and thoughts of Missha BBCream. I placed an order with Missha online today. I have heard on several Beauty sites that Missha and Dr.Jart are Great. Any opinions? ThankYou! AngieB.
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Hi Missha,


BB Creams are seriously one of the greatest revolutions in makeup! I haven't tried the one by Missha, however I have tried the ones by Smashbox and Too Faced. Please share your experience once you do get your new BB Cream, enjoy!

Whimsically yours,
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