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BB Cream recommendation for very fair combination skin

Hello Sephora Experts and friends,


I'm still fairly new to beauty products and am making leaps and bounds except in the area of a good BB cream / Concealer / Foundation / Face Primer / Powder. 


In my local Sephora I was turned onto using Sephora Luminous Foundation Primer which I love and love the smell of, its slightly sticky until it dries then I put on Liquid Clinique Shade 01 Concealer, I was also sold a foundation brush (Which is so much better than my fingers). And felt set for life, for 2 weeks. Then in a hurry a few times my cell phone and clothing would have streaks of foundation across it and I fixed that problem with a light drugstore powder fair powder shade in a hurry.


I'm just not happy with what's happening. It seems all this stuff is making me break-out a little bit and I can't get that pore coverage as I have a visible pore problem. I'm a fast paced person and would just loved to have one cream to even my skin tone as I have dry-ness on my forehead and nose. And oiliness in my cheeks, lip area and chin. I call it a reverse T-zone. 


My nationalities are Irish and Romania and I don't have freckles on my face. But my skin gets noticeably pink on my forehead and nose and a bit shiny though its not oily. And my cheeks and chin are oily and break out but not shiny. Its a nightmare.


I was considering buying Nars Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in Finland or Alaska I'm not sure which as their description for color is the same Smiley Frustrated Isn't there a one stop foundation beauty product I can use? To illuminize, buy not over shine, even out skin tone, give me some protection from the sun and not make me break out?


I can't keep up with a pore minimizer (I especially hate the bestselling pore-fessional and Too Faced Primed and Poreless thought I love their other products so please nothing like that), a primer, a foundation, and a finishing powder, or setting spray. I would settle for two maybe three things. But not four. I feel it would just be too heavy and expensive to keep up. 


I feel desperate and would like some good advice and to even hear similar stories. I plan on asking about a few things in the store in person but the best database of information is here online. I don't want to waste too much money as these good BB's go for 40-75 dollars. I need the right one.


Warm Regards, XOXO

Melissa Darnell

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Hi MizzyyzziM  I think you would like Clinique Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30.  It comes in light shades, gives a bit more coverage and dries down a bit so it will work well in both your dry and oily areas. 

Clinique - Age Defense BB Cream SPF 30

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Thank you for your recommendation! I actually ran into the Nars Tinted Moisturizer in Finland first and fell in love. But for some reason I still have an eye out for that perfect doll face finish. All the girls at Sephora have it. Like they don't have a pore on their face. Hahaha.
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