BB Cream or Foundation?

Hi, I'm looking for something with enough coverage to conceal acne scars (just discoloration).  I try to keep the number of products I use to a minimum in order to prevent breakouts, although I still experience them from time to time.  Since I am trying to keep my routine simple, I was wondering if you would recommend that I choose a BB cream or a liquid foundation to conceal the scars?  I want to pick something that looks natural and feels light, so I am concerned a BB cream will be too dark and that a concealer will feel too heavy.  I am fair skinned with pink undertones and find that some some shades look too dark/orange for my skin, so any suggestions you can offer are appreciated!! Smiley Happy

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I have a few minor acne scars and use a BB Cream.  It doesn't exactly cover them, but it helps them blend in.  I prefer BB Creams to foundation because BB Creams usually have ingredients that help improve skin and are far lighter and easier to apply than foundation.   However, if I had a lot of acne scars or they were darker, I would use a foundation.


I have fair skin that is usually very pale in the winter, but warms up in the summer from sun exposure.  Dr. Jart's Premium BB cream is the perfect color for me (Dr. Jart also makes an oil free version).  However, some of the other brands come in a variety of shades, such as Smashbox.  I've also heard great things about Garnier's new BB cream (comes in 2 shades), but that is sold in drug stores, not Sephora. 


About the acne scars, I've had great success with Ole Henrickson's Three Little Wonders.  My scars have faded, minor acne usually is controlled by the Invigorating Night Treatment, and my skin looks overall smoother and brighter.  It's pricey though - about $75 for the starter kit. 


In short, BB Creams are great if you already have fairly good skin.  Otherwise, you will need a heavier cover up.  Happy shopping!


UPDATE/Edit: Just wanted to add that I also have pink undertones and that Dr. Jart also has pink tones.  Dr. Jart is too dark for my pale winter skin, but perfect for my slightly less pale summer face and is SPF 45 to keep my skin healthy.  :-) 

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