Are Dr. Jart Products Gluten Free?

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Earlier this year I became a huge fan of Dr. Jart BB creams..


Now a friend of mine is also interested in Dr. Jart. She has a gluten allergy.. She recently contacted Dr. Jart, however the did not write back to her.


I was wondering if anyone here knows if Dr. Jart Products are Gluten Free?


Re: Are Dr. Jart Products Gluten Free?

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Hi Krizsa, 


We actually do not have that information at this time. I recommend you try again to email the company directly as they (as well as most brands) change products and formulations so often they will have the most current and accurate information. 


You can often tell by reading the labels of what ingredients are in the products and if your friend knows the names of what to avoid, that can also be a help. When in doubt, do without- I definitely don't suggest taking a risk and going with something you may not be sure of. 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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