Applying SPF with Sponge?

I'm currently using MD Solar Sciences Mineral Creme SPF 50 on my face.  I've been applying it with my fingers, because I'm thinking that's the best way to apply SPF since you need to apply a decent amount in order for it to be effective.  But when I do that, it gets kind of flaky, comes of my skin- basically just doesn't look good especially when I put my powder foundation on top.  


So I was wondering- is it ok to apply SPF moisturizer with a sponge?  I use the sponge to really press it into my face so that it adheres well and stays put.  But in doing that, am I applying enough for it to be an effective SPF?  

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So funny that you posted this - for the first time I applied my SPF with a liquid foundation type brush this week (I "buffed" it in).  It's a really high SPF (50 like yours), so I was slightly concerned about even and enough coverage, but also kinda figured I'd give it a try bc even if I got half of that it would prob do me.  I didn't burn or get too much sun, and ended up being out much longer than I expected.  I loved how even the application was and how smooth my skin felt after.  My powder went on really smooth too.


Now I might try my beautyblender Smiley Happy.

Re: Applying SPF with Sponge?

Hi feline5190! Yes! That would be fine. Smiley Happy As long as it gets on you, then you're good to go.  It sounds like you might need a little bit of extra moisture to keep it from flaking -- are you using a moisturizer before you apply the sunscreen? 



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Sometimes I'll use a moisturizer or serum (or oil- like the Fresh Seaberry oil).  But since I have really oily skin, sometimes I'll forgo the additional moisturizer to avoid getting really shiny (since I guess the MD Solar Sciences SPF might have some moisturizing abilities?)  

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