Anti-wrinkle cream at 25 years old

I'm 25 and need to start using anti-wrinkle cream, especially for my eyes. Any suggestions on what to use to prevent wrinkles at such a young age?

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Hi farbs. anaa has a good point, sun damage is the main cause of pre-mature aging and wrinkles so the #1 preventative step you can take is to protect your skin any time it's exposed by wearing (and re-applying) SPF (adding a hat and sunglasses isn't a bad idea either). I swear by Josie Maran's Protect Daily Sun Protection Argan Infused SPF 40+. Smiley Happy


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At your age, you probably only need to treat your skin once a day at most so I recommend using an antiaging product at night to start. Boscia's Recharge Night Moisture is a great place to start. The cream is deeply hydrating and nourishing without being too heavy or greasy (I noticed in your beauty profile you have oily skin). It's also full of antioxidants which help to slow the aging process. For around the eye area, start with a hydrating cream or serum, like the Enlivening Amino AG Eye Treatment from the same line. The texture of this eye treatment is silky and light so it absorbs nicely and can be worn day and/or night.


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I would suggest you incorporate a moisturizer and eye cream containing SPF in your routine.  Murad makes an eye cream with Vitamin C and SPF that is lightweight.  If you're concerned about the eye area, try to wear sunglasses whenever you're outside to further protect that area from sun damage.

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