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Allergy to lipstick pigment? Help!
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I'm more of a chapstick, bare lips kind of girl... but I'm really getting into lipsticks lately. I've purchased mostly MAC lispticks, and I seemed to have been reacting fine to them until I purchased a red lipstick and lipgloss the other day. I only wore the red lip combo for about 2 hours, after trying it on at the counter, and the next morning when I woke up I had a pretty large bump (which I thought was a cold sore, since I'm prone), but it appears to almost be blister like with fluid inside. I have medication for this, since mouthsores are common for me, so no need to visit a doctor. But I know some of the Sephora Makeup Artists have worked for MAC and know a lot about makeup and pigments, and I'm wondering if I could be allergic to the red lipstick because it has such intense pigment? Also, do you know of any common ingredients that cause allergies? Just trying to pinpoint the issue, here. I suppose I could wait until my lips heal and then try wearing the lipstick again, but if it's the culprit, that will be a total pain Smiley Sad

Of course any input is helpful, makeup artist or not! Thanks guys!

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I am so sorry to hear this!  It can be frustrating when trying to pinpoint an ingredient that caused a reaction.  Honestly, I am thinking it is most likely something other than the pigment that is causing this reaction, especially if you have worn other makeup (shadows, blush etc) and not had reactions.  Pigments are not specific to product category, and by this I mean that the pigments used in lipsticks are not necessarily different than those used in shadows and blushes.


I am guessing that it could be an ingredient that is found in lipsticks that your lips are not agreeing with.  Now to pinpoint what that specifically is can be challenging.


The best thing you can do is compare ingredients and see what the new lipstick has in it that your chapstick does not.  Sometimes your skin may even cause a reaction to a product, so you also may try putting a stripe on your arm or hand and see if any irritation occurs.


If you want to wear color on your lips but seem to have reactions to most lipsticks, you may want to try just using a lipliner and chapstick and see if that helps.  If that doesn't cause a reaction then it is something definitely in the lipstick, possibly one of the ingredients that makes it creamy and soft.


I hope that helps and good luck!  




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