Acne and Acne Scars
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Hello everyone Smiley Happy


Like everyone 18 years old girl I suffer with acne problems. My issue is that I can use a product and it'll help my acne but after my awhile my skin gets use to the product and it doesn't work. I've tried Murad and it got WORSE so that's not even an option


Can anyone recommend me a product that will help my acne & will continue helping after awhile?


I also suffer from acne scars. I've never tried anything for them but I would love for them to be gone. Can anyone recommend me a product that will actually take them away?


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I've tried Muarad and it worked horribly for me Smiley Sad
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Unfortunately, it's a myth that our skin "gets used to" a product or line.  I'm a nurse, so I can say that there are several factors to make us have good skin now but awful issues 1 month later or even 6 months into a line.  Hormones, stress, diet, cleansing (or not taking makeup off at night, etc.), and things like re-using wash cloths can affect our skin almost immediately.  Oh, and medications can, too.


So, for me, I've found that when I stick to a line BEYOND when I think it's not working anymore, I find it actually is and was just a blip on the screen of good skin vs. yucky days.


Hi Smiley Happy Unfortunately, almost everyone's skin will get used to a product and it will stop working. I suffer from acne too and I'm 18...I started using Murad products with my Clarisonic and it worked wonderfully for about 3 months. Then I switched to Peter Thomas Roth and once that stopped working, I went to Philosophy's Clear Days Ahead line which is what I'm currently using. After my skin is used to Philosophy, I will go back to Murad and start the cycle again Smiley Happy hope this helps! Drink loooots of water and change your pillowcases every week or so!

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The others have suggested great products/lines to look at! If your skin is on the sensitive side, try looking into Boscia's Clear Complexion line as it's a preservative free line that is botanical based.


A safe day-time use product for brightening and evening out post acne scars/spots is Ole Heriksen's Enlighten Me Pigment Lightening Serum as it doesn't contain hydroquinone but rather a stablized dose of vitamin C, botanical extracts, and fruit enzymes.


The key thing is understanding active ingredients and using the right products together so they work in a balanced manner and won't cause any other issues.


The most common ingredient for acne treatment is salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid, BHA) as it not only helps shed dead layers of skin at the surface, but it also rids skin of bacteria and help promote healthy cell turnover, increasing the odds of new and healthy skin of regenerating and replacing problematic skin at the surface.


Salicylic acid is also great in the aspect that the chemical exfoliation it provides helps with evening skin tone and keeping pores clean from trapped oils, bacteria, and skin cells.Salicylic acid can target a variety of blemish types, making it the most versatile.


Witch hazel is another common ingredient usually used in toners as it's a natural astringent and will help keep pores clean. Willow bark is a botanical based ingredient (found in the Boscia line) that acts as a natural source of salicylic acid, making it more gentle and suitable for sensitive skin.


Tea tree oil or extract is also used to calm skin from inflammation and soothe acne ridden skin.


Benzoyl peroxide is another treatment based ingredient that introduces oxygen into pores to rid anything trapped below the surface. It can be found in percentages of 2.5% to 10% in products, I advise heavily to start on a lower dosage (2.5%) rather than 10% as it can be very drying since it opens up your skin and brings so much to the surface. BP is best applied to red, swollen blemishes that may be tender to the touch, Neutrogena's On the Spot Treatment is a great source.


Another active treatment ingredient in acne products is sulphur as it helps in the particular cases of pustular blemishes or white heads. Murad's Spot Treatment and Bare Minerals Blemish Therapy both rely on sulphur to treat blemishes.


Of course with any potent, treatment based ingredient, over-drying can occur as ingredients are so strong and work in such pinpointed areas where a higher concentration of product is applied or layer together. Avoid mixing BP and SA together and always try to seek lower dosage products first. If you're afraid of layering too many products with the same ingredient, use treatment based products (target creams, gels, or serums) one a day at night, or every other night until you can tell your skin's tolerance level.


In terms of lightening the appearance and color of post acne marks or scars, numerous ingredients can be used to address this.


The most potent is hydroquinone, a product that not only helps fade dark spots but also helps to inhibit the amount of melanin production in skin to prevent areas from worsening. This product can make areas of skin light sensitive, so try to use it only at night or with a high SPF in the day time.


Vitamin C is another ingredient that works more gently than the hydroquinone and helps to brighten areas, combat oxidative damage, and even boost collagen production in skin.


The below thread has more info on ingredients used to brighten/even skin tone, and also tips on sun protection, which is vital when using these ingredients, have a look and if you have any questions, feel free to message me!


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This might sound weird to you but I think it works (for me anyway). Try egg yolk. No joke! Just the raw yolk on your face. Let it sit and dry for a bit (feels weird!!!). The vitamins in the yolk is good for your skin ... unless you are allergic! Be careful~


I learned it from an Indian woman. Helped me in high school (:



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Kate Somerville has a wonder acne product line. 

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