2 giant puffs of skin

This last 6 months have taken a toll on my eye area. I lost both parents and cried a lot and the area under my eyes all the way to the middle of my nose seems permanently swollen. I can't afford cosmetic surgery so short of that what is there to offer me? They are not Dark...just a line and big Puffy areas.

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I would also suggest you look at the new Glamglow Brightmud eye treatment. s1497718-main-hero[1].jpg Hope this helps!


And so very sorry for your loss.

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Hi bell1960,


I'm SO sorry to hear about your loss!


I would highly recommend trying the Clarisonic Opal system. It is a sonic infusion system that works to distribute eye cream deeper than the traditional method (fingers). The results are hydrated, supple, and smoother skin under the eye area in just seconds. The sea serum that comes with the set works exceptionally well to keep the skin under the eyes filled, quenched, and well rested.




Whimsically yours,

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Good call, Janine!!!! Heck, the Opal is a great investment all around! You can use any eye cream with it and the micropulses also work great with serums and applying them to target areas like lines around the mouth or even forehead!

Re: 2 giant puffs of skin

My thoughts and warmest wishes to you and your family for the heartbreaking loss! 


I know there will be dark days, but just as sure as some days will be dark, days will also be bright. 


In regards to the puffiness, there are countless of ingredients to keep an eye for in terms of products and treatments to help!


The first being caffeine, though the effects are temporary, it's a great fix for the morning to quickly perk up eyes as the caffeine promotes fluid and water drainage from the under eye area. It tightens the skin to relieve puffiness and helps to flush out fluid retention as it's a diuretic. 


Another ingredient to look for is cucumber extract. Cucumber itself can remain up to 20 degrees cooler than surrounding temperatures, helping chill and depuff the under eye area in a calming and soothing manner without irritation. The soothing abilities it has helps to constrict blood vessels, like an ice pack on a swollen ankle.


Ole Heniksen's Ultimate Lift Eye Kit includes two of their wonderful eye products that help treat puffiness. It comes with a rollerball great for AM use and a gel which can be used in the AM and PM. Both work even better when stored in the fridge as cooler temperatures will help alleviate issues and feel much more soothing and luxurious on stressed, tired under eyes. It contains cucumber extract, calendula to ease tired eyes, arginine to help rebuild and strengthen the area, and peptides to tighten and firm.


Origins' GinZing eye cream is a good day time eye cream as it contains light reflecting particles to brighten and perk up the look of eyes, but also because it contains caffeine and ginseng to stimulate and awaken the area.


The rollerball concept is another thing to look for, Soap & Glory, Ole, Clinique, and even Garnier make products with this feature and it's beneficial as the rollerball helps to provide microcirculation to help massage the delicate under eye area to promote drainage and to exercise the skin and not leave it as is.


Other at home remedies you can use in supplement of a great eye cream and treatment is using tea bags from black or green tea (black contains a higher caffeine percentage). It's a great way to relax and treat the eyes and have a cup of tea while you're at it! Prepare the tea as is, once the bags have steeped, squeeze out excess water, be sure they are still damp, but not dripping. They should be warm to the touch, comfortable, not too hot as they will rest on closed eyes. This at home remedy helps in the way caffeine is inputted in eye creams to help tighten the under eye area.


Also, try to warm up a damp wash cloth (wet it and microwave it for 20 seconds or so, or wet the cloth with warm water from the tap) and lay it over eyes as a compress. Again, be sure it's not too hot as it's meant to lay over such a delicate area.

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I absolutely adore Korres' Quercetin Eye Cream.  Beyond that, watch your sodium intake and be good to yourself.  This, too, shall pass!

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Hi bell1960,

AWWWW. I'm so sorry that you've just gone through so much loss. Sometimes life's events really take a toll on our faces and stress can really show up in the skin and around the eyes. In addition to the products already recommended I'd suggest paying attention to your diet. Excess salt can cause major puffiness around the eyes. Foods that trigger an inflammatory response in the body will also cause your face to look swollen and your eye area to accumulate fluid. Try cutting back on gluten, dairy, and anything containing artificial ingredients. I find that concentrating on eating fruits and veggies and eliminating unhealthy choices really makes a difference on my face.  Warm thoughts and best wishes to you @bell1960. I hope that happier times are just around the corner Smiley Happy

Re: 2 giant puffs of skin

I'm so sorry for your loss, that is so sad! Stay strong! 


My suggestion is Soap & Glory's You Won't Believe Your Eyes serum:



Re: 2 giant puffs of skin

First of all my deepest condolences to you and your family.


Tochelp de-puff your eyes you may want to try Origins GinZing eye cream, I love how it feels and it really helps with tired and puffy looking eyes.


Another great eye product to try is Sephora Instant Depuffing Roll-on Gel. It really helps when I have terrible allergies and my eyes are practically swollen shut. 

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