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I just bought retinal firming and lifting serum which moisturizer will be good for me to buy
Hi, Goofygranny!   Can you share with a bit more about your skin and any concerns you may have? For example, is your skin normal but you're wanting something to focus ... see post
Please help! Recommended skincare routine for a 36 year old novice.
Looking for advice for a new skincare routine. My routine since I was a teen has been face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen and drink lots of water. I've never invested much and my skin has always been fine, until now. Recently I've noticed a few lines on my forehead and redness/ruddiness on my cheeks (next to my nose only). I've trolled the BT boards and am totally overwhelmed! I'd love some advice. I have normal to dry skin that is sensitive to strong products. I'd like to lose these forehead wrinkles. I've become obsessed with checking out other people's foreheads ever since I noticed mine.  Please help!
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Dr Jart (and many but not all or even most) Korean brands are great for sensitive skin.  They very often (but not always, some cheaper brands are actually just cheap) us... see post
Hey! Is it normal to get wrinckles at 22??
I was looking for wrinckle cream through google and  I found this one... I can't believe the price! *o* By the way can I use wrinkle care at 22?
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Ugh, I am still very young and already have hereditary "tree trunk lines" on my neck!:(  I would say if you don't already, to wear SPF every day. I know the sun can cau... see post
Products to brighten/even skin tone/provide glow
Hey all,   I am in my late 20s and have dry, dehydrated skin that tends to get dull, greyish looking from time to time. I also have some old acne spots and hyperpigmentation spots that I want to lighten. For the spot lightening, I have been using the Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance serum which seemed to noticeably help for the first 3 weeks, but now I don't see much of a difference. This is something weird I've noticed about my skin in general. It tends to reach a constant state after a while   Anyway, some of my acne scars (esp the newer ones) have lightened a bit so I'll continue to use the above serum. However, I would really like to incorporate some products that would help brighten the skin overall, and maybe also aid the scar lightening along the way. My skin looks really lack lustre sometimes   Enlisting my routine here in case it helps: Morning: Skip the cleanser in the morning usually, or use Fresh Soy Cleanser if feeling greasy OH Truth serum, followed by  Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance serum Eye cream with SPF: OH or Supergoop OH Advanced hydration moisturizer  Supergoop SPF 30 sunscreen serum  Evening: Clinique Take the day off balm + flannel Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance serum Occasionally: Hydraluron serum Tata Harper Repleneshing Nutrient Complex as face oil + eye serum Origins Night-A-Mins cream Also, I exfoliate a couple of times a week with Dermadoctor Wrinkle Revenge Cleanser with 12% glycolic acid. Is this not enough? Also, masks include Origins Charcoal mask, Drink Up intensive mask, Sephora Pearl Brightening Mask.   Looking forward to suggestions, please!  
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BEAUTY PRO geekbeauty / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
Thanks infinitise, they all sound like great recos! Do you feel that the Vit C serum you use has been better in comparison to the other ones out there?   Also, what ki... see post
What do you think about at home lasers for wrinkles vs. skin care products?
What do you think about at home lasers for wrinkles vs. skin care products? 
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I've been using the Luminage one for a couple of weeks, and my fine lines have pretty much disappeared.  The only problem I have with it is that it won't sync with the s... see post
Let's talk about the new Serum from Algenist!
So Algenist has this new deep wrinkle serum and I used it for two weeks now. I got a one week sample from a friend that works for Algenist and the results were amazing! I ordered this full size a week ago and the results are unbelievable! My late husband would have gone crazy over this. So who else has bought it and tried it? This is my first thread I've posted so bear with me! Tell me how much you love there products please! Have a great day! Donna 
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Need Algenist recommendations!
Hi beauties! I’m looking for a night cream to help with anti-aging, fine lines, and loss of firmness/elasticity. I just turned 30 and feel I should add in an anti-aging aspect to my skincare routine. I’m looking at the Algenist brand, but can’t decide which cream to buy. Anyone have any opinions on which one is better? I’m open to any other recommendations as well! Thanks!
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I love my Algenist products they make my skin glow and appear more even. Even the products I about to list are not specifically creams, but they are worth to check out! ... see post
eye cream
Hi Jaclyn! I would like to know what you would recommend for fine lines and dark circles! I would like to purchase a new eye cream for my night skin care routine!   Thank you for your amazing advice
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Post to the live chat here ----> see post
anti-wrinkle products read on please
If your main concern is smile lines and fine lines on your forehead, do you just need to apply these products in these areas?
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anti aging cream
anti-aging products
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My choice of anti aging cream is Stemuderm of Solvaderm skincare brand. It is a professional grade product proven for restoration of skin. It removes fine lines and wrin... see post
Creme Del Mar Anti-Aging Cream
Teen with forehead lines already?
I'm 16, but I'm already seeing forehead lines from stress. Is there anyway to remove them? or make them less noticeable? My mom gave me some of the stuff she uses for anti-aging but It doesn't seem to be helping.  
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Lexi, please start wearing SPF. I, too, didn't think I would need SPF because I work an office job and am rarely outside besides the time I'm going to/from work, walking... see post
Anti-Aging Products for Mom :)
Hi Everyone,   My mom turned 50 last year so she is aging. Her concerns are sagging and age spots. She also has dry skin. We live in a desert climate so moisture is difficult for us to retain. What are some good anti-aging products and a good moisturizer for to start her with? Thank you!
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I can relate to your mom's  predicament (I'm 52) and deal with a lot of dry environments.  My best advise - moisturizers are your friend!  I just switched to Algenist Ge... see post
I am looking for the best facial oil for what is (ha ha) called "mature" skin
IT GIRL kmcbebe / IT GIRL IT GIRL / replied
You might like any of these oils: Marula Oil, The Algenist Oil, Argan Oil or Rosehip Seed oil (Ole Henriksen).  Of all of them, Rosehip Seed is the lightest oil and the ... see post
70 years young with a few wrinkles, but oily skin.
Can anyone recommend a good hydrating moisturizer that minimizes wrinkles without leaving my face with a greasy look?
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My skin is not dry, but oily.  I know, know - count my blessings at my age!  But it is a problem when trying to hydrate to minimize wrinkles without looking like a greas... see post
Fine line help!? Late 20s
Hello! So I am in my late 20s and have more fine lines on my forehead/around my eyes then I would like (and more than my peers). I have normal skin with some dryness around my eyes and I tend to have sensitive skins (there are a few companies I can't even use because my skin freaks out and I get a huge rash all over my face- none from sephora yet) anyway, I am trying to find a product that will help with the fine lines without making my skin freak out. I loved the sample I had of the Sunday Riley eye cream (and I think it works wonders) but it made my skin feel like it was burning after a few days. Right now I use the tarte vitamin c eye cream and I like it for my dark circles okay but I'm not attached to it. Any suggestions would be wonderful (serums, creams, cleansers- anything) (I've also tried FAB eye products, 2 clique serums & the philosophy hope is not enough) Currently I use FAB as my regular skin routine w/ the tarte eye cream & maracuja oil @ night around my eyes as well to help with the dryness.  Thanks!
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First...keep stress levels down. Will help overall look. You're young and that's fortunate and it's good that you're starting now. My step-daughter has same issue. Super... see post
Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum.
Hi,   Do you need to apply a moisturizer after the application of the Tata Harper Serum or using it alone is just fine?   Thanks. 
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Smilefixer79 / FRESH FACE / replied
I still apply a moisturizer after the serum....that is how Tata Harper suggests using it. I personally find that I still need the moisturizer.  If it helps, I am oily in... see post
PTR unwrinkle peel pads replacement?
Hello It seems the PTR Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads are no longer available on the Canadian Sephora website! I recently started using them and am in love - already my skin seems more even-toned and it really seems to help my skincare products get better absorbed.   Does anyone have any recommendations for something similar? I'm going to stop by a Sephora store when I get a chance and see if they still carry it there, but I prefer to do my shopping online Thanks <3
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Thanks for the feedback everyone!   I was just in a store and it looks like the Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads are being marketed under a slightly different name.   I have a s... see post
Im in my mid 20's. iwant to start a anti-aging regimen for oily skin.    HELP. Looking for a night cream, eye cream etc   Thanks 
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Hello 43 and Very Sensitive Skin
I am 43 My facial skin, is very sensitive. Highly allergic to Retinols and SPF. I have some wrinkles around my eyes, slight dark circles under my eyes. My facial skin, has blotchy redness. Looking for a moisturizer, that I may use day and night, plus a eye cream. Please Help,
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Sunday Riley Oils - Which One? Artemis or Flora?
Hi Everyone! I have been using Sunday Riley and I love it.  I am just currently using the Ceramic Slip Cleanser, Bionic, Good Gene and Luna Oil.  I am wanting to add in an oil for the day as my skin can be dry on my cheeks and around my eyes and the outer sections of my forehead....yet my nose and the "main" forehead area are sometimes oily (not always).  I occasionally get a pimple but not too maybe once every other month.  I will be moving to a climate that is warm all year round (and humid) and I will be there for at least a year so I am thinking my skin will be less dry soon ( my skin changes a lot now with hormones).  I am in my 30s.  I am wanting to make sure what I use promotes collagen growth or firmness and will therefore be a bit anti-aging.  I have read up on both Artemis and Flora.  They both sound great.  I cannot decide which one would be best.  I am having so much my questions are:   1.  Are they both anti-aging?   2.  What have others found for results on these both?    3.  Are they both ok for day wear?  I use Luna at night and I just looooooovvvvvvvveeee Luna!  Would either be too heavy for daytime?   Thanks in advance for anything anyone can add to my query.  I am actually leaning towards Artemis but I am just not sure.  I am leaning this way purely because I prefer lemony scents versus rose. I am going to go try these oils at my local Sephora sometime next week but I really think I should go for the one that will actually add to my anti-aging regime but I am also thinking that Artemis sounds like it may be lighter for daytime use?  Argh!!!  This is so hard to choose!  (I would buy both but I think that I should just try one and see how I go)!     
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Thanks heaps for the lovely advice.  I really appreciate it! see post
Need new skin care!
Help help! I'm turning 32 on Sunday, and I've noticed my skin all of a sudden starting to change.  I know I need a new "system" - especially since I never really adopted a skin care system to begin with.  I have a combination of normal and dry areas on my face, with some new rough patches popping up.  I did one of those skin analysis machines a few weeks ago, and it showed that I have some clogged pores around my nose area, and hormonal patches high by my cheekbones on both sides and my chin (whether this skin analysis was even legit, I don't wasn't by Sephora though!).  I'm also worried about these little lines that are all of a sudden appearing around my eye area.  I absolutely love my Sephora store, but I haven't had much luck with the skin care specialists in my store.  They don't really listen to what my concerns are (bleh).  So any help would be much appreciated!!  I'm getting married in a year and need my skin in tip top shape!!
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mgarraway / FRESH FACE / replied
I've been using the GlamGlow SuperCleanse mud to foam cleanser for a few months now and it has made a very noticeable difference in the clogged pores on my nose and chin... see post
Need skincare regimen advice
I moved to London a year ago, and the hard water/pollution/allergies have aged me fast! I'm 33 with some lines on my forehead, the occasional breakout, some sun damage and acne scars looking to even texture, minimize lines, get back my glow.
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HALL OF FAMER cherrybombtastic / HALL OF FAMER HALL OF FAMER / replied
I actually read an article from Glamour that detailed that people from different countries have different skin needs, and in England their skincare regimen isn't as exte... see post
Any Caudalie serum/oil favorites?
Hi BT gals,   have been on the lookout for a good serum/oil for my normal to dry skin with some old dark spots. Have been eager to try out Caudalie since I've been hearing tons of good stuff about it, and want to try stuff that doesn't have too many silicones in it.   Eager to hear about any favorites from that range, or any other   
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BEAUTY PRO geekbeauty / BEAUTY PRO BEAUTY PRO / replied
:) :) Hope you like it. And btw, I am loving Caudalie by now. I tried the Vinexpert last night and it gives an instant firmness to your face. It's great. Now, onto the V... see post
Help me choose a peel!
Hi everyone,    I am trying to decide what peel to buy. I am looking for something to smooth my rough skin texture; I also have a few acne scars and sun spots.    After reading reviews, I am trying to decide between the following but am open to other suggestions. I am trying to stay around $50 and under.    -REN glycol lactic radiance renewal mask -Murad Intensive-C radiance peel  -Ole Henriksen lemon strip flash peel    Thanks for any advice you may have!
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Yes to the PTR unwrinkle pads. They are great, and you're totally right about cutting them in half to stretch them. This is my favorite way to exfoliate and keep my skin... see post
I just turned 21, what anti-aging products are best suited for my age?
As everyone else said, moisturizing and sunscreen. UV rays damage your skin more than it seems to let on. Exercising and eating healthy does wonders too :) see post
Any eye cream/oil/serum that actually helps with lines,wrinkles?
Hi ladies,   I've been trying out the Algenist complete eye renewal balm for 2.5 months now, and been using it religiously every day. I haven't noticed the slightest improvement in my under-eye lines, rather they seem to have increased in number. Am not saying that the eye cream caused the increase, but it didn't help either.   I'll still finish it but was really hoping for a recommendation from someone who has had  actual   results along these lines! I am ok with any creams or serums or oils - anything that shows visible results.   I am 28 yrs old and have dry skin. It's less dry in the summer of course. Is it time to start retinol under the eyes? I really don't want the lines to get any worse. Please advise!    
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hmm I use that at night and I'm 39 and have found that it is really helping my under eye area. I use Shishedo Brilliance during the day.  see post
Best Anti-Aging Skincare - Radical, Peter Roth, Sunday Riley, Others?
So I have been doing my research and I was wondering what others are using for their anti-aging routine.  I am late 30s and I am concerned with lines around the eyes and mouth.  I also get puffiness under the eyes.  I have been researching several brands but after a while you start going crazy with what works, what you should use, what brands are good, etc, etc.   I was interested in Radical., Sunday Riley and Peter Roth and a few others at Sephora, but I was wondering what people are finding with results. Also, do you have to use retinol or vitamin C?  I was getting a facial and she gave me some samples of some cream that has growth factors and a serum with Vitamin C.....and yet with the products I was looking at I was now confused by her as to what I should be looking for.  I am now so confused about what types of products I should be using. Any advice from you guys would be great as I want to make sure I am using the right thing on my face.  Do I need stem cells?  Do I need growth factors?  Do I need vitamin C?   Any advice or results you have had I would love to hear about it. Thanks in advance everyone!
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I am in my early 30's and have been trying to incorporate more "Anti-Againg" skincare products in my regimen too.   I don't have lines around my eyes, but I do get puf... see post
My Fear of PTR Retinol
I'm sure this has been asked before...and I tried to use the search function, I really did, but it gave me a headache and now I'm over it.   So, having procured a free sample of PTR retinol serum, I now find myself afraid to apply it.  I have sensitive skin and many products are irritating to me.  I currently use PTR's VIZ-1000 Hyaluronic acid serum morning and night without incident.     I have learned some tips on how to adjust your skin to using retinol.  My first thought being, why?  What does retinol do for the skin that my hyaluronic complex will not?  What are the benefits that would make me want to go through stages of desensitizing myself; is it worth it?   Also, how about my eye area?  Is it safe to apply there?  This is where I need anti-aging the most.  The only wrinkles I have developed so far are right under my eyes.   
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I have sensitive skin and the PTR blue bottle doesn't bother me at all.  Haven't been using it long enough to notice a difference yet, though.  Anyone else that uses thi... see post