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So, the inherited caves beneath my eyes are more noticeable now I got rid of a lot of the darkness, and the husband thinks Juverderm fillers might be the answer. He even offered to buy them for me for Christmas. He thinks I'm spending to much on serums and creams and  figures fillers could work out less expensive ...   Frankly I'm kind of scared of the idea, since I've never had botox even, and when my ankle broke in two places in the summer, they wanted to stick a metal pin in it, but I wouldn't let them, as I'm afraid of being operated on ...   Please share any thoughts/experiences with me.   I'm definitely struggling to get used to the fact that I don't really look like me anymore, but fillers seems like such an extreme solution (even if they do cost less than the $1,500 a month I spend on skincare ...)   Thanks in advance for responding!
Hi ladies, I'm 22 and I'm looking into my first eye cream for preventative measures of aging (I've heard from multiple reliable skin experts who recommend to start one in you early 20's) Any suggestions on some of your favorites for early prevention? Thanks!
what is the best eye cream for anti-aging.  I am 65 and look pretty good, use all kinds of eye creams but is there really one that stands above the rest for anti-aging?  
I recently bought the Caudalie vinoperfect radiance serum to begin using again mainly for the purpose of diminishing some sun spots on my face.  With that purchase, I received a deluxe sample of Caudalie's polyphenol C15 anti-wrinkle defense serum.  I use Retin A at night so I prefer to keep my night time routine more simplistic (double cleanse if I'm wearing makeup/single cleanse with FAB's face cleanser if I'm only wearing sunscreen, follow with Fresh's black tea age-delay instant infusion treatment toner, then apply Retin-A, then apply CeravePM moisturizer.  My morning routine consists of cleansing my face with Cetaphil or FAB's face cleanser (whichever I grab), FAB's facial radiance pads, Caudalie's vinoperfect serum, Josie Maran's argan daily moisturizer SPF 47.   So, my question is where is it best to incorporate the polyphenol C15 serum? A Caudalie representative did say I could mix them together in the am, I could apply one then the other, or I could apply the vinoperfect in the evening with Retin A.  It does agree with my skin and I have used it in the morning with vinoperfect, but is that overkill?  I don't want to waste it, but I don't want to be stupid about it either. Thanks for any suggestions or experience you can offer
Hi all,    I am in my late 20s with dry, dehydrated skin and have been taking steps towards a good skincare regime and feel like I am halfway there. My problem areas are: dehydration, dark spots from acne scarring (i don't breakout on a regular basis though), and under-eye fine lines.   The only anti-aging item in my regime is the Dermadoctor Vit C serum that I use in the morning. I want to add in some more elements, such as a good anti-aging serum, facial oil and night cream. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Here's my skincare regime :   Morning:  Cleanse (I skip this step and just use a hydrating toner if my skin feels taut):  Fresh soy cleaner Serum: Dermadoctor Vit C serum Eye cream: Fresh Black Tea Eye cream (not a fan!) Moisturize:  Ren Ultra Moisture Day cream SPF : La Roche Posay Anthelios for face, Cinique body cream with SPF for body Evening: Cleanse:  Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser/ Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Milk;  Tone : FAB radiance pads/ Once a week: Dermadoctor cleanser with 12% glycolic acid Serum:  Sheseido Ultimune Concentrate, followed by Tsubaki beauty oil; Twice a week: OH Invigorating Youth Night Treatment for acne scars Eye cream:  Fresh Black Tea Eye cream (not a fan!) Moisturize: OH Sheer transformation few times followed by Yes To Carrots hydrating night cream. Will start Origins Night A mins cream tonite     I want to start an anti-aging routine especially to keep thse under-eye fine lines under control and in general to keep my skin in good shape for longer. I don't, however, want to start using retinol yet. Sorry for the long post!
Hi everyone,    I am trying to decide what peel to buy. I am looking for something to smooth my rough skin texture; I also have a few acne scars and sun spots.    After reading reviews, I am trying to decide between the following but am open to other suggestions. I am trying to stay around $50 and under.    -REN glycol lactic radiance renewal mask -Murad Intensive-C radiance peel  -Ole Henriksen lemon strip flash peel    Thanks for any advice you may have!
I purchased SK-II FTE during the last Rouge event, and I have been using it faithfully for the past 2-3 weeks am and pm.  I've used nearly half of the bottle (small bottle) now, and I'm not sure that I am seeing any results yet.   For those who use FTE, could you please share:  How long did it take to see results?  Also, what did it do for your skin?    
Hi lovely ladies! I'm turning 30 this year, and I'm trying to get even more serious with my skincare. I'd like to learn about Retinol, what it is, what it does and so on. Can you suggest some reliable source to learn about it? Or if someone has any knowledge, could you educate me a little, please? Thank you!
I am 45 in one week! I have just noticed "crosshatch" crepey skin on my cheeks. I have combination skin and most antiaging products cause me to break out in blemishes. I currently use alpha hydroxy acid and salcidic (sp?) acid in light lotions plus mineral sunscreen by Olay every day. If I put anything other than the salcidic acid on at night I wake up to zits...I use this to control blemishes, fade sun marks, and reduce fine lines. I still have pretty good skin tone so I don't use foundation...I don't like the added color nor do I like having makeup on my entire face. I am religious about my sunscreen. Is there anything I can do to take care of my middle age skin that won't cause me to breakout? This new crepey crosshatch stuff is alarming! Just part of aging? 
Hey beauties! I need help finding an antiaging serum and eye cream. Im starting to get smile lines as well as under eye wrinkles and I'm just 26!!!!! Any suggestions???
Watching YouTube videos I heard they help with fine lines on the forehead and help clear skin. But my question is what size to get? I have this horrid habit of crinkling my forehead and I want to try to lessen these creases as I am 30 years old. Already purchased a dermastamp.
Hello ladies! So I finally decided to purchase my first eye-cream, and I needed some guidance as to which one would be best for me. I'm only 21, so wrinkles aren't a concern just yet, but I struggle with dark under-eye circles and the occasional puffiness. Thank you so much for your suggestions!
I am 32, Hispanic with a medium complexion. I don't have any wrinkles, besides some very fine lines in my forehead that appeared in my very early 20s. There is no skin problem in particular that I am wanting to tackle, I just want to prevent wrinkles now before they appear. (Want to prevent, instead of treating when they do appear.) Please advice as to which creams/serums to use on my face, eye area, and neck. Or, what ingredients to look for? Your help is greatly appreciated!
Hi I want a Glam Glow mask for moisturizing and also anti-aging Please let me know which one?
Hello everyone I'm 18, almost 19, but I'm already interested in starting to use some anti-aging products mostly as a preventative measure. I already use moisturizer every day and the Philosophy Hope in a jar for eyes which I really like. Are there any other products you would recommend  that I could add on to my regimen to help prevent aging? Btw my skin is oily and sometimes sensitive. 
I am only 30 but I am starting to get lines on my forehead, a line in between my brows and the parentheses around my mouth are starting with one more noticeable then the other. I am noticing a little difference after I started using Dr. Brandt's crease release but am looking for something else to use with it to maybe enhance it. I do not currently use a serum as the PTR and Kate Somerville(oil free versions) both broke me out. The Tarte Oil broke me out horribly as well. Looking at the Korres black pine line because of my sensitive acne prone skin type. I am interested in the sephora black pine set but that doesn't include the serum. Would using the Dr. Brandt's crease release with the Korres day/night cream be too much? Should I try the serum? Anyone have any other suggestions?
Hi, I'm only 20 years old and I've been battling deep, genetic, under eye bags for years now. They aren't particularly dark circles and they aren't puffy, but deep lines that do not cover and make my eyes look sunken. I was told genetic eye bags are harder to get rid of and have seen no results in any product I've used. Most recently, I've been using the Benefit It's Potent product(for a couple month's, at least once a day), and haven't seen any results with lines. What will work??
I have tried so many anti aging products that I am now truly overwhelmed. Looking for a line that does what it professes without having to buy a gazillion products and spend a fortune. I have combination, sensitive, fair skin. At 56 I know have wrinkles, some age spots, loss of elasticity and firmness and my skin is not as vibrant. I am not trying to recapture my youth. Just look my best. Help!!
Hi everyone!   I'm nearing my 30's and while I take great care of my skin (began the past few years) I am interested in knowing your go to beauty products and routines that you use to prevent and reduce lines, wrinkles, etc.   I gave up the tanning beds 2 years and use sunblock now, moisturize morning and night, use homemade masks about once a month, etc. I'm noticing those pesky crows feet making themselves at home and my skin is just not as firm as it once was.   My goal is to take action now so as I age I will age gracefully! Thanks!
I am in my upper 30s. I have alot of crows feet which extend down to my upper cheek when I smile. I am going to the nearest Sephora next weekend and would like to know what I should get to treat & conceal.   I have dry skin, can someone give me some advice on the Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide?  Thanks.  
What is the best anti-aging for a 27 year old? I would like to brighten and prevent wrinkles. 
I often want to know, how do we tell if a sunblock product is actually blocking UV rays?  I know titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are ingredients to provide sunblock, but I want to know how to determine a GOOD RESULT sunblock product versus an average result, with the same SPF, and if I like both textures, how do I tell if one blocks more sun than another, or just more effective?? THanks!!!!!!
HI! I am 27 and starting to notice some deep fine lines on my forehead. I have sensitive skin and still break out here and there. What is the best product for me? I was recommened to use Skinceuticals Metacell Renewal, and have also been told to use something with a Retinol.. I am not sure what advise to follow, maybe both? Any advice on a skincare routine would be great. I am currently washing my face with cetaphil and sometimes a prescription sulfur face wash when needed, followed by Laura Mercier Eye Cream and Clinique Dramatically Different + Lotion... I know I need to step my skincare routine up, just not sure where to begin... 
Recently I have been sleeping SO BAD, and my eyes are SO PUFFY!  I even notice wrinkles that were non existent before!! I'm only 27.... 28 next month !! This FREAKS ME OUT TOTALLY..    So, I went to research and came up with a list by applying the filters "retinol" and "Puffiness".  If you used these before, please tell me which one works best!!!!!!!   My main thing is to get rid of puffy first, and I feel a product that targets specifically for this problem is good, but I really do need wrinkle care too.  I just don;t believe the things that promise multiple results, but if there's one for puffy AND wrinkle, i'm def. going for it!   Here's my list:   PTR Un-wrinkle eye PTR Laser free resurfacing eye serum Philosophy Mracle Worker Retinoid Eye Repair cream Dr Dennis Gross Ferulic + Retinol Triple concentrate eye serum & eye cream (I love this brand) FAB Eye duty triple remedy brighten depuff and smooth (this is the cheapest, if this one works for depuff, I prefer to try this) Dr Brandt glow - revitalizing retinol eye cream (only retinol, no depuff) Finally, OLE Henriksen Ultimate Lift (blue gel).  I tried before when my puffy is not that great and it worked, but now it is SO puffy so I don't know if it will work, and it only targets puffy but not lines..... )   If you used these before, PLEASEEEEEEEE tell me which one has GOOD RESULT! THANKS!!!!!!!!
What is the best multi purpose facial wrinkle cream for skin over 60?  I'd like one product for upper lip, forehead and crow's feet.