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looking for day cream with SPF, anti-aging, pore minimizing.  The more benefits-the better
So this August I will be turning 40...although most people guess I'm early 30's...saying that I do look young for my age but however I am struggling with dullness and firmness in my skin....fine lines will also soon be a concern for me. i am looking for some advice on a skin care regimen that has results and works! Either drugstore brands or bigger's so hard cause there is so much out there...just wondering if anyone has recommendations on products they've tried that work?  Thanks 
Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,   I am 26 years old and I am in need of a night eye cream. I have some deep fine lines where whenever I put on concealer, they get filled out.   Currently I use YTTP eye cream and I guess it does what it is suppose to although it is hard for me to say.   Other concerns are: dark circles (genetic)
Hello! So I have two pretty defined creases under my eyes.. Mostly my right eye.. That seems to be getting deeper the older I get. I already know that no matter what concealer I use it will always find its way into those creases.. And my skin is so dry.. That it's practically impossible to use powder to set it because it always looks dry or cakey.   Anyway! What I'm wondering if anyone has tried any under eye creams or serums that help these fine lines/creases?? 
Every time I use Drunk Elephant C-Firma, it makes me break out like crazy.  What are some similar products that won't cause this?
So I recently switched from Murad anti-aging/anti-acne treatment (wash, treatment, moisturizer) which I had been using for over a year, to Drunk Elephant.  Went all-in on the glycolic, merula oil at night, vit C in the AM.  And my pores starting getting clogged/blackheads showing up again, started getting breakouts I'd go back to the Murad but didn't feel it was treating my increasing fine lines and dark spots.   Advice on a better combination of items?  If I do nothing, I break out.   J
Do you have UV damaged dry skin like me? As we get older, two components of our skin, collagen and elastin, degenerate, setting the stage for the appearance of wrinkles, creases, folds, and furrows. The breakdown of these components, accelerated by sun exposure and gravity, results in the sagging skin of old age.   I've started using a Anti Aging Collagen and Olive Oil Moisturizing Soap by Joesoef Skin Care for my every day routine. It softens and smoothes my skin minimizing lines and wrinkles. It's good for dry to Normal skin. I use the soap on my face and body. You can find their product online. Great moisturizer bar! <3       
Hi Beautiful Friends,   I am in my mid twenties and looking for a good eye cream. I have some very small fine lines starting on the corners of my eyes so any suggestions are greatly appreciated.   As for my skin it's normal to dry and I'm looking to try a vitamin c serum. I've tried Glo cosmetics and liked that product, I'm currently using Argan Oil from Josie Maran and my skin soaks that up.    Any travel masks you would recommend I'm going on vacation soon and would love to buy one for my trip.
I'm in my early thirties and started noticing my skin changing a bit. It's a bit rough sometimes and I have a few lines under my eyes. Also, my dark circles are getting worse. Nothing too noticeable, but I would like to get this fixed or prevent more if possible.   Looking for suggestions on what works for other women in their 30s. What moisturizers, serums, etc. do you suggest?    Also,I have the following items in my cart. Any comments on these would help too:    Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream with Super 7 Complex   SUNDAY RILEY Luna Sleeping Night Oil    CLINIQUE Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief   OLEHENRIKSENTruth Serum®   Dr. Dennis Gross SkincareAlpha Beta® Universal Daily Peel
I'm thinking of getting one of these to help with under eye wrinkles and contouring, I have always had very thin skin so it looks like my eyes are sunken. Any advice? 
Hello,   I am 40ish and need to revamp my antiaging eye routine. I have some wrinkles/fine lines mainly under the eye, some creepiness and dryness. Less an issue is puffiness or dark circles. I have been using a couple of things on and off which are not giving me the results I would like.    My eyes are sensitive and tend to water if something is very perfumed and gets too close. I am open to using different things for day and night, ie a lighter serum for day and something heavier at night.    Thank you in advance for suggestions!
Hi All!   I've been interested in getting some feedback as to great anti-aging moisturizers. I'm currently in my late 20s with combination(t-zone)/dry (cheeks) skin. I've been using Perricone MD Pre-Empt Oil-Free Moisturizer for nighttime use and have had much success with that, but I would love some suggestions for a great daytime moisturizer containing SPF but still having some anti-aging benefits that come with it. I'm also interested in delving into day and nighttime serums along with eye creams/oils. My wedding is coming up in a year and I would love to get a head start into bettering my skin now rather than later! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you!
I have had Co2 laser for my wrinkles.  And now use Microneedling at home to keep the collagen production.   What serums (for use right after) or heave moisturizers ( a few hours later) have other seem help with?   I just started iwth a copper pepitide with apple stem cell to help with collagen growht.  Anything else? I also heard after the serum an hour or so after you should have strong anti-aging moisturizer. 
Lucky me, I am absolutely middle aged 😡 Makeup has become no fun at all. Any ideas for a medium coverage foundation that is not powdery or matte finished. It should not settle in lines, not maximize pores, and work for dry skin. I have most recently used tinted moisturizer-but it is not doing the job!
I am looking for an eye cream to combat crows feet and fine lines.... something that is Affordable but works.... would be great. Can anyone recommend anything? Thank you
 Hi all! I got a sample of the Shiseido Ultimate Eye Power Infusing Eye Concentrate and have been loving it, but it says its a pretreatment? Does that mean I still need eye cream on top of that? If yes, then I am debating between the Shiseido Beneficence Intensive Eye Contour Cream and the Shiseido Beneficence nutrient Eye Serum? Any suggestions? If other brands are good I would love to hear some options. I noticed the skin under my eye has been getting more wrinkly and dry so anything to help combat those problems
Hi,  lim very interested in this product. I've read many reviews but no one says how long a full size bottle of the serum last. Thanks😀
Is it okay to use night cream for both day and night? I am in my late forties and I have large expression lines. I have not found a product that truly works for me. I thought maybe if I tried this, I might see a difference.  Any recommendations on products? I would like to stay around the $65-75 price point. Thank you!!
I am 33 and recently noticed my pores are starting to sag and enlarge. What would be the best product that would work to tighten pores/fine lines?
What is a good under eye cream that targets dry eyes and fine lines and wrinkles? 
I would like to find a skin care line that helps remove dark spots, fine lines, puffy under eye and uneven skin both in color and tone for a normal skinned 50 something lady that wants to look youthful, any suggestions?
Hi! I've never tried retinol but with my uneven skin tone and post acne marks around my hairline, I think it's time. I also spent too much of my twenties skipping sunscreen, determined to prove that my fair skin could tan. It didn't, and that mistake is starting to show.  I plan on trying philosophy's help me but am open to others (I see lots of recommendations for Peter Thomas Roth and Dr. Dennis Gross.) I understand the importance of following retinol with moisturizer, but I'm unsure of which one. I've started using philosophy's hope in jar night which contains glycolic acid. I'm concerned this combination might be too much but also don't want to use something comedogenic as my skin is dry yet prone to breakouts. If it helps, I use First Aid Beauty face wash usually twice a day followed by renewed hope in a jar and BB cream with spf (am) and hope in a jar night (pm) as mentioned above. Thanks for taking the time to read this. All suggestions welcome and appreciated!       
I am 27 years old, going on 28 in 2 months. I want to continue with anti-aging and wrinkle-prevention skincare. However, I have oily skin and still get blemishes on my cheekbones and have an oily forehead. Is there a moisturizer that can have the anti-aging and wrinkle-prevention effects without causing excess oil on my skin? Thank you!
I was randomly reading about a new mirror introduced at CES (the HiMirror) that scans your face and analyzes your skin and it had mentioned that there are a number of apps out there that can also do something similar, but I haven't found them. 
Hello lovely beauty people,   I am in my mid twenties and wanted to know of an eye cream you would recommend. My skin under my eyes is normal and while very tiny wrinkles are there I want to get on the preventive train. In the morning I have very almost light grey tone under my eyes but goes away after a few minutes so I don't really count those as dark circles yet but wanted to include that fact.   As for masks I have very dry skin and I love Origins Drink Up hydration mask I actually use it as a nightly mositrizer sometimes instead of the argan serum by Josie.    My skincare is very simple limited products, my cleanser is the simple brand. I wear sunscreen and bare minerals powder makeup, so nothing heavy on my face usually. If the products could be free from any bad stuff that would be great. Your thoughts are appreciated  Spoiler (Highlight to read)      
I am a 54 old female that is getting dark spots on my face.  What fade cream do you recommend?
I am looking recommendation for anti aging skin care products. I am 30 and have dry, sensitive, uneven skin. I would like to buy a set so I can try the entire line plus more budget friendly. I am looking for complete regimen (Eye cream, Face wash, Serum, Moisturizer). I was told Drunk Elephant, Dr. Jart and Tatcha are among the good ones.