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I have tried many products, I am 39 and have forehead wrinkles. Can anyone recommend products that actually work. I tried Philosophy and ROC. PLEASE HELP!!!!
I am looking for a good night cream for a 25 year old who's looking to reduce a few acne scars and also developing wrinkles
I'm a 41 year old mother of 3 (two are teenagers) in full-time nursing school.  This means very little sleep, high stress and little time for self...what is a good face cream out there for black combo skin with open pores....oh on a budget.  Thanks.   Sephora/BT was kind enough to send me a new product to test called Needles no more by Dr. Brandt Skincare.    Its marketed as a wrinkle relaxer, for immediate and long term use. I have tried it several times, and will update later as how it works long term. The scent is peppermint and it has a cooling sensation when applied.  I have the "brinkle" in between the brows, fine lines around the eyes and very prominent forehead wrinkles from raising my eyebrows so much I find it does smooth them slightly- (as Im not yet 30yrs I don't have very prominent lines, so ladies 40+ may see more dramatic results, just because there is more to work with here )   So far I like it, the smell doesn't bother me and I haven't had any adverse side effects from using it.  Will update later
I used to wear light makeup and take fairly decent care of my skin. About 10 years ago I stopped because I was working outdoors a lot, the moisturizers, makeup etc. would run into my eyes when I sweat and burn or turn kind of greasy. So I stopped wearing makeup, moisturizer and everything. Now I am finding myself at 50 years old and not liking what I see in the mirror. I would like to start back a good regimen of anti-aging skin care and makeup (most likely liquid foundation, etc. because I find the powder foundation, finishing powder and blush that I loved many years ago now shows the dryness and lines). My skin is beginning to look thinner, sagging and wrinkling with lines around my mouth and eyes. My skin tone is a bit uneven now and dull. But I don't like anything greasy or really heavy. I would like to have a good face serum, eye serum, face moisturizer, makeup remover, etc. to get my face back into better shape and a good quality makeup for someone my age, etc. What can you suggest? I am not really concerned about the price, I am more concerned with what might be most beneficial for me. Thanks!
Any thoughts on this product? I've heard nothing but raves and tried the sample which so far I love but I am acne prone so this could be a short-lived result. I've also heard pretty negative things about Lavender Oil which is a main ingredient
I am 42 years old, and have had a very stressful year.  It shows on my face.  I have been lucky up until now to not to have much in the way of aging issues, but this year has hit me hard.  I need something to plump up the skin under my eyes and fight those lines and wrinkles that are starting to pop up.  I would love to hear about others' experiences.  I have medium toned skin that is usually normal to oily, but in the winter it does tend to get dry.  Thank you.
My mother wants a good anti aging product for her face. She is 71. What is your recommendation?
Hello,   What is the best skincare line for Age Prevention for Mid-20's? OR Best Eye Cream, Best Day Cream, Best Night Cream, etc. I have become obsessed with finding the perfect Age Prevention skincare routine and would love to hear what everyone recommends. I really love Origin's Age Prevention line but am open to new brands and suggestions. (BTW I already use sunscreen.) THANKS!
Which anti-ageing cream  gives you a smile every time you see it and erases all lines without a trace? I love Clinique laser focus and Ole Henriksen pure truth. Is there anything you beauties can't live without? 
I am 32 and have quite sensitive skin. Any allergies (food, environmental etc) show themselves on my skin. As I've gotten older, I find that there are things that are becoming issues and I would like advice from all you lovely women and men on brands/products to use.   * I have an olive complexion and my skin type is sensitive/combination. I tend to get an oily T-zone, with dry lower cheeks/mouth etc.   * I've noticed that my pores are much larger, especially on my cheeks and face by/on my nose.   * I have black circles under my eyes and have tried most everything but nothing seems to help!   * I don't get many break outs, but when I do, it's usually around my jawline and some whiteheads on my actual face which aren't visible, just uncomfortable.   I've been using Origins Plantscription cleanser, Night cream and Origins Mushroom "toner" which seems to help with the redness I get sometimes. The day cream is way too oily...I should've gotten the oil-free one. ** I don't have wrinkles...yet. What I would like is to:  Brighten my skin, have less visible pores, even out skin tone, decrease black circles and minimise break outs!   I prefer natural or close to natural products and ones that don't test on animals. But TBH, if I can find product(s) which works and doesn't irritate my skin, I'll make sacrifices!   Please help!  
Hello! I coming back home for Christmas and my mom asked me for a Anti Ageing product She has a great skin, 48 years old but looks a lot younger. Her main concern is the eye area... What is the best product in the market right now?  Thank you!
Hi, I just turned 37. I exfoliate my face with Neutrogena when I shower and I moisturize with Aveno in the am and right before bed. I'm simply overwhelmed by all of the products out there and the idea of sampling products leaves me both bored and exhausted. Isn't there a simple, easy to follow skincare routine? I'm bothered by uneven skin tones mostly. Combination skin type, I think.
Hello,   I am relatively fair (I use biege foundation) and my skin is a combination sensitive skin.    I dont know whether I should use concealer only or an anti aging product/formula. I feel that I am growing old and dont know what I should really do about that. I am currently using Eucerin, this is it: Aporin_ACTIVE_Moisturising_Eye_Cream_15ml.jpg   I then use Benifit's Stay do not stray primer, then dior nude concealer, this one: AAAAAAAACbY/YIUQadbekwc/s1600/Dior%2Bconcealer.jpg   But I am not seeing any change, in fact the area turn grey but I dont want to use a corrector because I dont want to use so many products in the under eye area.    Is there a product that serves as a medical treatment and at the same time a concealer and anti aging?    Thanks. 
Is something like a Clarisonic good if you have "older" skin? I have oily skin. Blackheads on nose and breakouts around my period time only. But just wondering since I read it helps with collegen and maybe it will help with my overall skin health?
So, the inherited caves beneath my eyes are more noticeable now I got rid of a lot of the darkness, and the husband thinks Juverderm fillers might be the answer. He even offered to buy them for me for Christmas. He thinks I'm spending to much on serums and creams and  figures fillers could work out less expensive ...   Frankly I'm kind of scared of the idea, since I've never had botox even, and when my ankle broke in two places in the summer, they wanted to stick a metal pin in it, but I wouldn't let them, as I'm afraid of being operated on ...   Please share any thoughts/experiences with me.   I'm definitely struggling to get used to the fact that I don't really look like me anymore, but fillers seems like such an extreme solution (even if they do cost less than the $1,500 a month I spend on skincare ...)   Thanks in advance for responding!
having a hard time finding anything that doesn't have retinol in it! even when its not advertised as a retinol product I find it in the ingredients
Hello! My mother, 60yr old with combo skin, uses Natural Advantage anti aging products for her face and neck. I read the ingredients and they are loaded with parabens, sulfates, and worse. Is there any product I can get her that is similar to Natural Advantage, minus the harmful ingredients?  Please help!
I am male 40 years old and need something to help smooth my neck and forhead...what would be the best product to use. Thanks,
Hi,   I'm 52 with very few wrinkles/lines.  Just a few between my brows and on my forehead.  I currently use a vitamin C serum in the morning and an AHA serum at night.  I'm wondering if I should be adding a retinol to the mix?  Any thoughts?   Thanks so much,   Lisa
Hi Ladies   I was wondering if any of you can recommend a good eye cream to help with under eye bags. I haven't found anything that really helps get rid of them and I am starting to feel like I look haggered. Any help with this would be lovely. 
What night cream do I need for 47 year old, to help with anti aging, reducing fine visible lines and to help with elasticity?
62 went thru 4 years of chemo therapy. I need a good moisturizer to use under make up. wrinkles and firming regiment, what suggestions does any one have for tightening and firming too?
Hi there,   I'm turning 31 soon and I heard from my dermathologist that I should be wearing a retinol cream. I asked what was his recommendation and he said anything simple that I could get at pharmacies. So I visited Sephora and got so overwhelmed by the amount of options we have and how every single one seems the perfect one for you, I read everything and all of the reviews and I'm still not sure... and since they are pretty expensive, and my skin is quite sensitive, I'd like to ask someone here who knows what would be a good retinol cream for face and maybe something for the eye area ( I even wonder if at 31 I should be wearing retinol around my eyes - please advise).   Thank for your help   Much love,   Laura  
what is the best Lancome night cream to keep wrinkles at bay, i use genefique for day time firming and the serum day and night. thank you.
My dad is looking for something to help tighten/firm his skin as well as reduce the appearance of pores. He has combination skin and is a bit sensitive. He doesn't have any sun spots right now and currently wears sunscreen every day but that wasn't the case when he was younger so if a product can also help prevent sun spots that'd be great. He basically just wants to look younger (or in my opinion just maintain his appearance as he already looks about 15 years younger than he is). Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated!!
I have oily skin and am looking for an anti-aging face mask. My skin is INCREDIBLY sensitive, making things difficult. If I even try to use any sort of exfoliant, my skin breaks out with little bumps immediately. I've been using a face wash from my dermatologist and a lotion from here by Lancome. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for what face masks I would be able to try that wouldn't break my skin out?