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My total hearts is near the number of the beast…YIKES   Please help me pass it thru without seeing that 'triple digit' number next to my hearts.   I know it might not mean anything to others but to me, this number means a lot. Thank you.  
I am in my 50s and have visibly large pores on my face. What product would you recommend to minimize them?
What is the difference between Tria Age-Defying Laser & NuFace mini?
I am looking for an eye product that visibly reduces deep wrinkles and crow feet, I mean literally and visibly.
I'm 48 years old and feel like my makeup routine probably needs some updating from what I've always done and always used. I want a natural look and to not look all made up.  Any suggestions?  Where do I even begin?
I am looking for a good eye cream for crows feet and fine lines also anti aging.  However, I have very dry/sensitive eyes that get irritated with certain eye creams and mascaras.  
I'm deciding between FAB cheers to FAB skin vs.  Algenist the anti wrinkle kit. I need to have eye cream and day cream in the kit and night cream would be a bonus. Thanks
I'm needing to step up my game with moisturizer (I use an oil-free SPF in the mornings) or moisturizing at night--with a really good wrinkle cream. I need it around my mouth, on my forehead, in between my brows, and under my eyes. What can I use that will work--but that won't make me break out? I have sensitive skin and live in Colorado where it's very dry, especially in the winter. Thank you so much! 
Looking for anti aging eye cream specifically to reduce dark spots, puffiness and small wrinkles. Also would like to reduce lines around my mouth.
I love the Maracuja Eye Treatment and I've wondered if anyone here has tried the Neck Treatment since it was available on QVC for awhile. My only hesitation is the actual Maracuja oil broke me out as I have sensitive acne prone skin and it really got some mixed reviews on QVC. I see no reviews on youtube either. I like the eye cream because I have an allergy to rentinol and this didn't have any in it. The cream I haven't had any reaction to versus the oil.
What is your all time favorite face serum? I'm using jack black and I'm loving it! Check it out its a men's product filled with peptides! Big 2oz bottle I've had since October a bang for your buck for sure! i have to say I will continue to repurchase this product for as long as they make it. I've seen woman's serums half the size triple the money and have the ingredients of this serum! Sinks right in non greasy I have no lines on my face and I'm turning 40 next week. Check it out ladies.
I turned 60 last month and want to get skincare products that would be most effective to target sagging skin and wrinkles.   Any ideas?
I admit it; I have never regularly moisturized my neck / décolletage. Seeing as my 26th birthday comes next month, I feel it is high time for me to begin caring for this feature since it is an area that can really show your age if not sufficiently looked after. I can already see creases formed from where my skin folds when I bow my neck downward, and this displeases me. I imagine that it will only go downhill from now as I move through my late 20s and proceed into my 30s.   So I want to hear about everyone's routine for moisturizing and caring for the skin in this delicate area. I am unclear as to whether I can just use my regular facial moisturizers, if I should look for something more firming and toning or specifically anti-aging, if I should be doing any other sort of targeted treatments, etc. If you have any tips or recommendations, please weigh in!   For a little background, I have a pretty good skin routine going for my face, and my regular moisturizers are Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet, Caudalie Vinosource Overnight Recovery Oil, and Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream for summer days when I require less intensive moisture.   Thank you!
My skincare routine currently consists of evening cleanse with FAB cleanser, followed by FAB Radiance Pads, then JM Argan Oil Light.  AM is sometimes a cleanse, sometimes not (depending on the grease level), followed by JM Moisturizer SPF 47.  I really don't have wrinkles or any age spots at this time.  The only thing I'd want in a serum is for it to help these stay away.  Thoughts?
I need a foundation for dry aging skin.  What is the best one?
I am 18, and I want to start a really good skincare regimen to help prevent aging.  I have combination skin, it tends to get a little oily in t-zone. What kind of products should I be using? Any suggestions?
I'm 44 yrs old, what is the best product for fine lines and help skin appear smoother?
I have tried many products, I am 39 and have forehead wrinkles. Can anyone recommend products that actually work. I tried Philosophy and ROC. PLEASE HELP!!!!
I got a sample of this a little over a week ago and this is there best serum EVER, kept looking at Sephora and found it today!! I really grabed this up fast! I know there are tons of people that love Algenist on Beauty Talk so I thought you would want to grab this up quick! It's smooth, silky, thick and helps tons with dryness. This smells Amazing! Have only used it about a week so I'm not sure yet how it will work for fine lines and wrinkles. With all the people that responded last time I posted a question about Algenist I just thought some of you would love to know how it works! Let me know if you want or have tried it yourself! Thanks ladies and gentlemen any questions I would be glad to help if I can, thanks in advance and get this now! Lol. Merry Christmas to all of you, 
I'm only 18, but I am looking for a good moisturizer with anti-oxidants that will help protect my skin from sun and pollution damage.  I know to wear sunscreen, I use an SPF 50 everyday Plus, I can get oily in my t-zone. Any suggestions?
Lancome Genifique
I've been using the Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Resurfacer Serum. I like it but I'm always on the lookout for something better! I used the very last pump of it this morning so I'm looking to either re-purchase this weekend or buy something new and would love some suggestions. For moisturizer I use the corresponding Laser-Free Gel Moisturizer but I don't find you HAVE to pair them together.    I'd like to keep it under $75 My skin is normal-to-dry(ish) Anything that targets fine lines would be great   Considering First Aid Beauty's Dual Repair Power Serum. Anyone try that?   Thanks! 21?skuId=1305937 7266?skuId=1487107          
I am 21 years old, and I have fine wrinkles under my eyes. I really want to buy an eye cream that will prevent more wrinkles from forming, and diminish the ones I already have. I have been using the Korres Quercetin & Oak Anti-ageing Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream for two years, but I don't really see a difference. I really wanted to try the Origins plantscription, but it burned when I applied it on my eyes. Do you know any good eye creams that you can recommend to me?
I'm 24 and want to get on my anti-aging, I've tried samples of both of these with decent results but I'm not sure what exactly the difference between these two is and was curious to hear of others experiences/recommendations. I tried to go into my local Sephora and ask and was told "That's a good question" and never got an answer =\
I purchased my clarisonic last month and it has increased the apperance and number of my sunspots. Is this a normal reaction? If so, can you please recommend a product to reduce the appearance of them?   Here is a little background. I am 29 years old. I regretfully tanned most of my youth and had acne as a teenager. I noticed my first sunspot two months ago which led to a shopping spree of new anti-aging products to include the Mia 2 and a whole new Clinique cleaning/moisturizing regime.    
Need a moisturizer, lifting, firming, brightening, even skin tone , and not to heavy. Soft would be nice also.
I am looking for a good night cream for a 25 year old who's looking to reduce a few acne scars and also developing wrinkles
I'm a 41 year old mother of 3 (two are teenagers) in full-time nursing school.  This means very little sleep, high stress and little time for self...what is a good face cream out there for black combo skin with open pores....oh on a budget.  Thanks.