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I am 24 years old with no real signs of aging yet. Is this product good for preventative action?
I am 20 years old, I feel it is a good time to start using an eye cream. All suggestions welcome!
I am 24 years old and beginning to think a lot more about preventing the signs of aging on my face. I essentially have two questions: What moisturizers do you recommend and in what order should I apply it with my other products?   I am interested in an anti-aging serum that is thin enough to use under makeup but won't make me oily. I use a regular moisturizer and cc cream. If I use a moisturizing serum, is it necessary to use another moisturizer or will this replace it? I do usually use an anti aging lotion at night (that's too thick and oily looking for day) and a moisture mask a few days a week.   During the day, I use a thin sunscreen (that I'm thinking of ditching because of the texture), a tiny bit of moisturizer, a primer, cc cream, and then a tad of powder if I am going out on a date or something. Does this sound like the right order?
i have a great night moisturizer from peter ? and am looking for something during the day (in morning before makeup), the studies on this look incredible , all high 90s on improvement - i have had luck with his peters facial wash and also night cream, so i thought this might be good to try, but its a hefty investment and i wanna be sure i understand what it is, what it does, and if it will help me first   2 questions 1) does this have any harsh chemicals i need to be worried about? would it leave any redness or effects? 2) do i need to put on another moisturizer after or does this product "regenerate" and also moisturize??   i am 34, main goal is to prevent wrinkles, nothing so bad yet. also my face on cheeks can be a bit blotchy with redness but its mild-moderate and doesnt bother me too much
How do I get rid of vertical lines between my mouth and nose? I do not  smoke.
Dear BT'ers,   When I found this forum I was feeling SO low about the sun-caused pigmentation splattering across my face, especially since I had tried every premium and drug store brands best product for fading such ugly marks.   Thanks to your excellent suggestions, I no longer need even medium coverage foundation, so I'm mainly using a BB Glow cream. The sun spots and patches are now barely visible. Eight weeks ago I would never have imagined this possible.   I truly cannot thank you all enough!
I am 21 years old, and I have fine wrinkles under my eyes. I really want to buy an eye cream that will prevent more wrinkles from forming, and diminish the ones I already have. I have been using the Korres Quercetin & Oak Anti-ageing Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream for two years, but I don't really see a difference. I really wanted to try the Origins plantscription, but it burned when I applied it on my eyes. Do you know any good eye creams that you can recommend to me?
I need suggestion good suggestion for face oil that can be used for massage. An oil that helps get rid of wrinkle or is anti-aging with whitening benefits?? Just any oil is fine and I know how to massage so don't trouble yourself with that Thank you!
I love Chanel skin care tried Lancome last year. I like the Lancome but now Chanel has the Le Lift has anyone tried it and is it worth the money?
which Primer is best used for mature skin in reducing fine lines,wrinkles & minimizing pores. 
I am 30yrs old, normal skin, neurtal on make up (usually mascara and lip gloss only).  I am currently using skincare products from Fresh: their lotus moisturizer, black tea toner, soy face cleanser,and peony brightening treatment.  I have been using this line for awhile now and although my skin is healthy, i have started to notice it is not as bright/lumunous and I am starting to see some age spots (even though I do not go in the sun).  I was thinking of trying the Ole Henriksen line, maybe 3 Little Wonders? and was wondering what products other VIBs would recommend to get the glow back in my skin.  Thanks!
I have been told its time to start using a night time cream. I am 24 and have slightly oily skin and have never had much acne. As of now I just wash my face and remove my make up before bed. Any suggestions? Thanks!
I noticed the other day that an age spot appeared. I'm wondering which product will reduce this one and prevent others. I have sensitive skin as well.
I have combination skin (oliy but cannot tolerate mattifying products because skin will be covered in dry patches). i have a wrinkle in the middle of my forehead that has gotten worse over time. I need something to help this and to prevent further expression lines. Any suggestions?
Just turned 25 wondering when I should start using anti aging creams lol I do have wrinkles on my forehead I tend to scrunch my forehead a lot when I talk anyhow I'm thinking about ordering  OLE HENRIKSEN 3 Little Wonders Mini.  But I hear using anti aging products too early isn't good either what are your thoughts???
So I'm 24, almost 25. Pale, prone to redness and acne (controlled with antibiotics though) and lots of pigmentation/acne scars. Also have what seems to be a permanent forehead wrinkle from sleeping on my stomach with my face scrunched up.   I'm in the process of finishing up samples of various serums and an old prescription of Retin-A. But here shortly I will need to order something new. I used a bottle of Clinique's Even Better serum but it didn't really fade anything.   My concerns are fading dark marks, and addressing the beginning of wrinkles/fine lines. So I'm not sure whether I should go for a retinol serum, or a hydroquinone serum to fade the acne scars. Is there a serum that will address both? I would love some recommendations, please try to keep them to $90 or less though.
Has anyone had real success with a product to combat and repair crow's feet?
I don't know which cream I can start to use I'm 39 year old  and I noted age signs
Hi, I'm 26 years old and have normal/combination skin with occasional breakouts. Although I'm not at the point of having wrinkles or fine lines, I've always read that you should start using anti-wrinkle and/or anti-aging products in your 20s before any of those issues come up. So I'm thinking of starting to use something, but I honestly have no idea what I'm doing and I need some help. I don't know what kind of ingredients to look for, stay away from, etc. I'm really not looking to get an entire new skincare routine. I already have one that my dermatologist has recommended and has been working for me for years. I'm more interested in a single product that I can use along with my normal cleanser and moisturizer to help stave off any signs of aging. What are your thoughts? Any product recommendations? I'd love to hear them!
Hi everyone:   Here's why I desperately need advice, in bulleted form for those of you that like to "scan"   I've always been a <gasp!> Cetaphil (with Clarisonic) followed by Oil of Olay and sunscreen kind of girl with my skin Good genes have allowed it, but 40 is looming in a matter of days and I'm out of denial about the crow's feet.  I have no idea what I'm looking for--would love your advice and recommendations!  Want to purchase at Sunday's Rouge event   My skin: I'm very fair/"Irish" skinned, but not particularly sensitive.  Still, good sunscreen in the morning is important Combination: T-Zone super oily/borderline greasy by noon despite products to mattify, and the rest is normal but dry in winter I do get occasional breakouts but it's not the main concern I do have dark circles, but full coverage concealer keeps them in check so a perk to address, but not top of the list Looking for products to address fine lines and "preserve" my skin.  Improved texture a plus. Need products for my neck too--surprisingly it is aging faster than my face Need a SIMPLE regimen---everything needed but nothing more to start. I'm used to a simple 2 step wash and slather so this is a big step!  Budget isn't a major issue other than the first purchase all at once. (Rouge member = embarrassing spending on make up)   Let me know if I've missed any required details, and I'm so looking forward to your shared knowledge and loved products!   Thanks,   Karen  
Hi i have normal to dry skin , some large pores on nose area,  and do have some fines line as well the 11 lines and  deep lines around mouth area,  also have some neck lines.  can someone suggest a good line for this age?
I just turned 22, and am starting to get a little worried about my skin aging over the next few years. I really only use: face wash/toner/occasional treatment with benzoyl peroxide (which my skin responds wonderfully to), laura mercier face polish exfoliator, spf during the day, clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel moisturizer, and occasionally an eye cream.   My skin is pretty normal, but it can be sensitive. I need a good eye cream (my problems are dark circles, and some fine lines), and a good serum that will combat early signs of aging and might as well help correct the tone of my skin too. 
I need an all natural anti-aging skin care routine. Been using Caudalie and love it, but can't afford it any more ($400 ? Ouch). Suggestions on what to use?
Is there an eye cream that is safe to use on the eyelids? I was told by one sephora gal the dermadoctor eye cream is okay to use on the eyelids and then told by another that there isn't an eye cream that is safe or should be used on the eyelids. Who is correct? Is there an eye cream that can be used on the eyelids?
I recently turned 40 and need to kick it up a notch in the skincare department. I have dry, sensitive skin, and I spent too much time in the sun when I was younger. I've been using the Ole Henriksen African Red Tea line, but I notice that some of the products are disappearing. Any suggestions for a good antiaging routine for the 40-something crowd?
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I'm in the market for a toner and I'm interested in a brightening toner. I've looked at a few and the NARS toner looks promising. Has anyone used it and can comment on it?   If you haven't used NARS, is there another brightening toner that you use and like? I know there are a few out there and I'm open to suggestions. Basically looking for something for combination skin, most of my concerns are anti-aging - dullness, firmness, not too many wrinkles but trying to keep them in check.   I use Philosophy Miracle Worker skin care and love it but they don't have a toner.  So just looking for that step after cleansing and before moisturizing to complete the routine! Thanks!
I just turned 39 and have a youthful look. I would like to keep it. Any suggestions on a cleansing/daily routine? I do have mild rosacea as well.   Thank you Kim