Hi i have normal to dry skin , some large pores on nose area,  and do have some fines line as well the 11 lines and  deep lines around mouth area,  also have some neck lines.  can someone suggest a good line for this age?
Lancome Genifique
I've been using the Peter Thomas Roth Laser-Free Resurfacer Serum. I like it but I'm always on the lookout for something better! I used the very last pump of it this morning so I'm looking to either re-purchase this weekend or buy something new and would love some suggestions. For moisturizer I use the corresponding Laser-Free Gel Moisturizer but I don't find you HAVE to pair them together.    I'd like to keep it under $75 My skin is normal-to-dry(ish) Anything that targets fine lines would be great   Considering First Aid Beauty's Dual Repair Power Serum. Anyone try that?   Thanks! 21?skuId=1305937 7266?skuId=1487107          
My dermatologist, who is normally very conservative, recommended Dermapen sessions. I'm usually a skeptic when it comes to these sorts of things so I thought I'd see if any of you had tried it. Thank you!
I am in my early 30s and am starting to notice that my eyelids are beginning to droop a bit. The skin isn't as tight as it used to be and my makeup doesn't come out as well as it used to (the shadow in the crease). I used the search bar, and the answers were from 2010-2012, nothing too recent (there may be new products?). I know there are no miracle products, but can anyone suggest an eye cream/serum that will help to prevent future eyelid sagging? Thanks!
Anything on Sephora I can use to start preventing the signs of aging?
I need an all natural anti-aging skin care routine. Been using Caudalie and love it, but can't afford it any more ($400 ? Ouch). Suggestions on what to use?
In your opinion what is the BEST anti-aging eye cream/balm you have used to help with dark circles ?
To those who wish a product to completely change their skin type...please read!   As an esthetician there are things I have learned that some people are unaware of.  A skin type is what you are born with, only if there is a complete hormonal change will it become something different.  It has everything to do with oil production.  It's labeled as dry, dry/combo, oily/combo, oily, and sensitive.  Sensitive has only come up as a skin type very recently. The other issues with skin has to due with conditions.  There are many different conditions and that is what, as an esthetician we try to treat in facials.   Dehydration is very different from dry skin.  Dry skin lacks oil which is a skin type, dehydrated skin lacks water balance.  You can be the most oily skin type in the world but overtreat your skin and become dehydrated by not giving your skin an oil free, water based moisturizer or drink enough water.  And another HUGE part of skin care is all about what goes on in the insides of our bodies.  A breakout on a certain part of your face can tell me what's going on, on the inside.   Please feel free to ask me anything.  I will try my best to keep up.  
Hi, I am in my early 60's and have noticed that the age spots appearing on my face are much more noticible now.  Is there any product that makes them disappear?
HI all! I searched and couldn't find this particular thread, and I need some advice. SInce I got so many recommendations from several of you, as well as reading lots of positive reviews, I got some PTR Retinol Fusion PM. I have high hopes, but I am having problems getting it applied before it evaporates into thin air! It is very light and watery, and it just seems to vanish in my palms or on my fingertips before I can get it onto my face! I tried dripping one drop at a time per face area (forehead, each cheek, chin) and quickly smoothing it around with my other seems to work OK but feels awkward. Tonight I mixed 4 drops of it into my Clinique Repairwear serum and applied them together.  it seemed to work OK... So, how do you who use this get it applied to your whole face in the 4 seconds it takes before it completely disappears?? I have never had a problem just getting something ONTO my skin before! 
is there an alternative to a contour kit? I don't have one so can i buy something similar which would help me get the same look
What is the deal with the new face Creme... Creme legere tres hydratante? Is it good for sensitive skin? Is it greasy/oily? What's the plus side to the Creme? 
Hey everyone I'm a mature Trans-woman and need help in choosing a good anti-wrinkle (anti-aging) creme both for day and night use. What can you recommend for me?  
I have a problem with dark, sagging under-eyes. It's most likely genetic as my mother and her mother both have the same problem. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for products I could try to help fix this problem. I'm looking for something reasonably priced, with firming and brightening properties. 
my mom is 48 years old but because of the amount of wrinkles on her face she looks too older than her age. she is looking for anti wrinkle cream which can guarantee remove the wrinkles. Any suggestion?
  I used to have a few cute freckles on my face, now I have ugly patches of dark pigmentation all over it. I have lived in Dubai and India for the past ten years BUT I wear factor 100 (Bioderma) everyday, and NEVER sunbathe. I try to be outside as little as possible. I have tried Extreme C from Dermalogica, La Prairie White Caviar Sun Spot Correcter Serum, Cream, and Eye Cream, Estee Lauder Re Nutriv Illuminating serum for dark spots, Lancome Dream Tone, Dior (the entire Dior Snow collection) and every product for pigmentation from all the French brands, including Bioderma, Avena, Caudalie etc. I have in the process made the skin around the retched sun spots paler, so they stand out even more! I would be exceedingly grateful for any advice anyone can offer me
I've bee using philosophy pads with no irritation but recently read that there is not much actual retinol in it...I have the .5% skinceuticals samples to try and I am almost out of the pads so I thought it may be a good time to try a new kind of retinol...I have sensitive skin and use the fresh soy cleanser, the perricone vit c, cold plasma at night, and photo plasma during the day along with the face finishing moisturizer and am happy with those thus far...I also use a Peter Roth sulfur mask for breakouts I get around my mouth.or the dermadoctor ain't misbehavin'. I was looking at the philosophy help me, kate Somerville retasphere, and the Peter Roth retinol pm in particular but don't want to risk using anything too strong coming from the pads only with their low retinol content. I'm open to any brands just want any suggestions from those out there my age who need to start stepping up their routine
Does anyone have any recommendations on SPF protection for the scalp? I wear a hat often when outside, but would like protection when I don't. I have very thin and fine hair too
brightening toner.jpg
I'm in the market for a toner and I'm interested in a brightening toner. I've looked at a few and the NARS toner looks promising. Has anyone used it and can comment on it?   If you haven't used NARS, is there another brightening toner that you use and like? I know there are a few out there and I'm open to suggestions. Basically looking for something for combination skin, most of my concerns are anti-aging - dullness, firmness, not too many wrinkles but trying to keep them in check.   I use Philosophy Miracle Worker skin care and love it but they don't have a toner.  So just looking for that step after cleansing and before moisturizing to complete the routine! Thanks!
I am 60 years old and have developed dry facial skin as well as rosacea, What do you recommend for treatment and a moisturizer?
Hello, I am 40 years old and I have kept my skin treatment care intact. However I have concerns about firmness and tightness and lifting. I have used up all my clarin's skin serum products and I am looking at purchasing origins skin care products. Do you think I can still obtain the same results with a less expensive product? I want my skin glowing when I walk in to work or were ever I am in the community!
Hi, Im 31 and staring to notice a few changes to my skin. What beauty regime can you suggest for anti aging starting now? For dark under eye circles, wrinkles on forehead and around eyes, and skin blotchiness.
Can you recommend the best foundation that has anti-aging properties? I am not good at a skin regimen. However, I do put foundation or a tinted moisturizer on everyday. It would be awesome to have one in the same Thank you in advance!
My sister swears by glycolic acid aka AHA (from my understanding they are the same). She recommends that ingredient based on the fact it is anti-aging but most importantly that it chemically exfoliates. She is against gritty exfoliants. BUT I live in FLORIDA and am an outdoors kind of girl. I feel I cannot use glycolic acid because even with sunblock I still get burn and get red! I've had to return products for this reason.  What ingredient(s) should I look to as alternatives?
Disclaimer--I did use the search bar, but I wasn't finding what I really wanted, so here is my own question.  I love my Clinique   Repairwear  for daytime. I want to add a serum for night-time that has retinol. I have been using Algenist Retinol Lifting and Firming serum deluxe sample, and I really like it--but it is 98.00. Any words of wisdom on the following: Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle products, First Aid Beauty serums,  Murad, or any others you use that aren't super-duper expensive? I have combination to oilier skin so I avoid anything too heavy. It is sensitive so I avoid fragrances. I want a nice anti-aging product to use with my night-time creams. I use mostly Algenist and Clinique but am open to others that won't cost 150 like Kate Somerville. Thanks for the input in advance!! Ready, set----educate and enable!
I've been looking for a skin care line to combat fine lines/wrinkles, some dark under eye circles and premenopausal skin (dullness). This skin care line was suggested by a Sephora rep after I saw no changes using the Resurgence kit by Murad.   Would love to her any feedback  
So, I bought the Oleg Henricksen Power Peel two pack trial set.  My skin is pretty good for my age - 49 - combination, not very dry or oily.  I'm working on preventing aging, combating dullness,, etc. So, my question is what do I do/use immediately after a peel -- regular serum/moisturizer routine?  Nothing?  And, how often should I use them? Any other tips, advice?