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What is a good line for an anti-aging line and which products are best?  I want to start a new routine (anti-aging)  and I know they can be pricey but want something that truly works to fight fine lines. wrinkles, crows feet.  Thank you!
Hi! I'm in my mid-30s and am looking for help putting together a complete skincare regimen. I usually buy whatever is on sale at the drugstore, and generally only use a cleanser and moisturizer....but I'm ready to step up my game.   I've been checking into Rodan + Fields, but I'm not convinced it's right for me. I have combo skin and my main areas of concern are pores, redness/uneven skin, dullness and anti-aging. I'm completely overwhelmed by all of the options and have no idea what to buy and when to use each product.   Thanks for your help!
31 with normal to dry skin, looking for a good anti aging skin care regimen that is not too pricey. I am pretty busy, so I don't really want to deal with a lot of products-simple would be best. Thanks!
Hi my name is Kristen and I am a skincare noob.😳   As a general guide, I'm wondering in what order products should be applied? Obviously start with cleanser, but then what?   Also, do you do the same order routine for both day and night? Like if a serum was applied before applying foundation during the day, would the foundation be able to stay on your skin?
In keeping with the month's theme, let's talk neck and décolletage! Sure, everyone wants to keep his/her face looking young, but nothing gives your age away like a crepey neck and sun damaged chest. What do you do to keep the space between your face and your other... assets looking youthful?   When I give myself a facial I extend it to my neck and upper chest, and so far things are still looking pretty good I also extend my facial serums and moisturizer down my neck.   Your turn!
Hi!  I'm 33 and have no idea how to take care of my skin.  All the products and ingredients are overwhleming!  I have combination skin and am looking for an anti aging eye cream, night cream, day cream, sunscreen etc.... etc..  Does anyone have a step by step guide of what to apply and when with product suggestions.  I don't want to buy 80 different products.  I like products that address multiple issues.  A nice lady at Sephora sold my an Estée Lauder night serum that was quite expensive and swore it was the best selling night moisturizer out there.  Thing is, I got home and saw that it says on the bottle to use a moisturizer on top of the serum.  Now I'm confused, this serum cost a fortune, and I can't get the full effect because I don't have an adequate moisturizer to go on top.     I'm desperate!!
HELP! I'm 38, have normal/dry skin and am looking for a night cream that addresses the early signs of aging without fragrance. I've been using neutrogena products but I find that new formulas SMELL horrible. like bath and body works: fruity and flowery. It gives me a headache! any suggestions?
Hi all you beautiful ppl,   My mum's gonna visit me next month and I wanted to surprise her with a few skincare bits. She's very low maintenance in terms of her skincare and doesn't do much, which is why I don't want to overwhelm her with a ton of product. I'll share what I have in mind and I do need suggestions on what you think are non-negotiables, esp for that age range.   Skin type: Dry, dehydrated mature skin. Undereye wrinkles, no other wrinkles on face, but some firming action would be great . Neck needs some firming for sure.   I've put my list in spoilers. Pl feel free to comment on what I have/haven't included. "??" indicate that I def need suggestions in that area, esp morning, night serums, eye cream and day moisturiser. Thanks!!  Spoiler (Highlight to read) Morning routine : Cleanse: FAB gentle cleanser/Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cleanser Serum : DE Vit C serum / alternative  ?? Eye cream:  ?? Moisturizer:  Belif Moisturizing Bomb/ alternative ?? SPF :  Algenist sunscreen Evening routine : Cleanse 1: Clinique TTDO balm + flannel Cleanse 2 : FAB gentle cleanser/Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cleanser Tone: FAB radiance pads Serum : ?? Eye cream : ?? Moisturizer : SR Bionic Anti Ageing cream Morning routine:Cleanse: FAB gentle cleanser/Kate Somerville Goat Milk CleanserSerum: DE Vit C serum / alternative  ??Eye cream:  ??Moisturizer: Belif Moisturizing Bomb/ alternative ??SPF:  Algenist sunscreenEvening routine:Cleanse 1: Clinique TTDO balm + flannelCleanse 2: FAB gentle cleanser/Kate Somerville Goat Milk CleanserTone: FAB radiance padsSerum: ??Eye cream: ??Moisturizer: SR Bionic Anti Ageing cream
What is the major difference between the Murad Age Reform (purple) and Resurgence (green). I am 37 and a consultant in the Sephora store told me one was for my age and one was not but I can't remember . Thanks!
Hi all I've been looking around for a good anti-aging daytime moisturizer with decent SPF. This is harder to find that I thought! I have pretty normal-ish skin, and am looking for a a non-greasy moisturizer to wear day time under makeup, or over serum (I'm 33, currently using SR Luna and Origins Nightamins at night). I'm looking for SPF 30 or above preferably. The only one I found so far was the Perfect World SPF 25 from Origins, and at first it worked well but after a few weeks it felt like my skin just got used to it and I wasn't seeing the benefits anymore. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks xo
Hi I am 33 years old and am looking for a great ant-aging serum that is safe to use throughout pregnancy and breast feeding. I have started to see fine lines, dark spots, and enlarged pores so I need help. Any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated!
Hi   I am currently using an eye cream as part of my skin care routine AM and PM.  Recently, I heard the hype surrounding eye serum.  Is it really necessary to use eye serum prior to eye cream application?   Thanks
Hi there, has anyone had Ultherapy? Was it worth it? Did you experience noticeable results in terms of skin firmness and skin tightening? I'm also looking into C02 fractional laser resurfacing - it's my understanding that this procedure also helps restore fullness and stimulates and strengthens collagen but it also minimizes wrinkles and removes age spots.   My primary concern is restoring volume, fullness and tightening. Any advice? Thanks!
Looking for suggestions please. I'm 32 and have never been diligent about skincare. I've always bought whatever face wash was on sale at Walmart and have used Nivea Soft as my moisturizer for years as it's the best drug store option I've found to date and works well for me. I've recently been using Eucerin for very dry skin and it works fine also.    My my skin is a little oily in the T zone with dry patches when I don't exfoliate (St. Ives scrub) and otherwise normal. It is only mildly sensitive on the cheeks and under eye area with a little redness on the cheeks. I get the occasional breakout about one week a month 😑 but nothing major. (By "breakout" I mean a single pimple or maybe two that usually clears up in a few days with no spot treatment and I do get some blackheads around the nose and on the chin.)    Also, I have a tiny bit of uneven texture but I'm not sure what it is because I don't think they are pimples, just some small bumps. They aren't really noticeable unless you get real close and I'm not wearing makeup. I'd like to even out the texture and redness as well as some fine lines around the eyes and larger lines on my forehead from subconscious facial expressions. Lol I'd like to find an affordable oil or serum, face wash, exfoliant, and any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated!   Any ideas for that long, detailed list of wants? Thanks in advance!
Hi friends, I just bought a LOT of Elemis from a spa. I like it but would like to know other's experiences from this line of skin care. How pleased are you? Is there something that you recommend that you believe is more effective for lines, etc?  Please let me know and stop me from purchasing such expensive skincare if there is something better! Thank you so much! RCP
Hi everyone - this is my first post!  I'm looking for some suggestions for my mum who has never used a dollop of skincare in her life besides cetaphil/sorbolene on her skin.  She is going to attend my brother's wedding and wants to look great and has asked for my help in what she should do for her skin.  She want to start seeing results in 4 weeks.   Some quick facts about her: She's a 64yo Chinese lady Has only just started using Simple cleanser and L'oreal antiaging day cream with SPF 15 and night creams She has large pores and bags under her eyes Needs to focus on moisture Any guidance on the best products for her? 
what is a great under eye cream for fine lines?
I am 33 years old and starting to notice some light wrinkles/lines around my eyes. Can someone recommend a good moisturizer/serum/under eye cream for this? (that isn't super expensive!) I'm clueless on where to start! Thanks for your help!
I've decided to take the plunge and start using a retinol product for anti-aging (about to turn 30 with dry sensitive skin). I was hoping to find a product that does not test on animals and unfortunately the two best reviewed products , Algenist and Peter Thomas Roth, do. I am really having trouble finding one with good reviews and starting to think one just does not exist. I've seen the Dr. Dennis Gross line but every review I read says it is over priced and does little.   I'm not a vegan so that's not a necessity, I just don't really support animal testing for non-essential products like makeup.    
Hi Id like to buy one of those toning devices, please help me to choose which one!  1-.NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device Item 1572270 Color Original QTY $325.00 2-NuFACE White Rose Mini Facial Toning Device Item 1763937 QTY $225.00 3-NuFACE Anti-Aging Infusion Serum Trio Item 1629187 or may be some other serum ?   Thanks a lot! Anna
Hey BTers,   This is one area of my skincare routine I haven't quite been able to figure out. I have these fine lines under my eyes which just seem to be increasing by the day. I'm sure being a grad student and using the computer all day everyday for work contributes to it along with irregular sleep, but was hoping there would be something out there, product-wise, that could at least help a bit.   Here are the few that I've tried: - Algenist Complete Eye Balm: did not work at all for me, did nothing basically. - Sheseido Benefiance Eye Cream:  this is the only one that seemed to have some effect. However, the effect is only temporary in that it seems to reduce the appearance of the lines on application, but does nothing to treat them. - Clinique RepairWear Laser Focus: a very basic eye cream doesn't do anything for the lines. - Origins Ginzing: again, no luck.   If there are some of you that have a similar problem and have found something to help you out, please let me know. Quite worried about this TBH. For reference, my skin is normal-dry, I am in my late 20s.    
I've used up two bottles of Algenist  GENIUS Ultimate Anti-Aging Vitamin C+ Serum and won't be buying a third bottle as it's wicked expensive, and I didn't notice much visible improvement.   I'm not seeing a lot of reviews on the web for Dr. Brandt Skincare Power Dose Vitamin C...has anyone tried it?   If not, is there a Vitamin C serum you might recommend? I'm 49 and have good, though sensitive, skin. I do have hyperpigmentation and am starting to show some lines on my forehead and around my eyes. Aging is fun Thank you!
I need some recommendations to REPAIR (not prevent my crows feet) and fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes?? Thanks!!
Am looking for a skincare product with retinol - preferably a treatment or moisturizer.  Thanks! 
I am 45 and looking for skincare routine. I live in Seattle, have normal/dry skin - slight wrinkles starting under the eyes and a couple deep creases on forehead.   I am currently using... everything... Yes, I'm using PTR, Fresh, Dermalogica, Murad, Philosophy, Glam Glow, Ole Henriksen and so on... (every anti-aging starter kit ever created).   What is the difference between Retinal vs Glycolic acid vs hyaluronic acid... is it HYPE or HOT?
Hi! I need an anti-aging moisturizer (and maybe more in the line), but I have sensitive skin any suggestions?
So, the inherited caves beneath my eyes are more noticeable now I got rid of a lot of the darkness, and the husband thinks Juverderm fillers might be the answer. He even offered to buy them for me for Christmas. He thinks I'm spending to much on serums and creams and  figures fillers could work out less expensive ...   Frankly I'm kind of scared of the idea, since I've never had botox even, and when my ankle broke in two places in the summer, they wanted to stick a metal pin in it, but I wouldn't let them, as I'm afraid of being operated on ...   Please share any thoughts/experiences with me.   I'm definitely struggling to get used to the fact that I don't really look like me anymore, but fillers seems like such an extreme solution (even if they do cost less than the $1,500 a month I spend on skincare ...)   Thanks in advance for responding!