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I'm in my early 30's and have decided to stop using my drugstore moisturizer and switch to an anti-aging skincare line (eye cream and daily moisturizer and/or serum). I want one that is FREE OF PARABENS AND PHTHALATES. My skin is normal and i have no brown spots or major wrinkles but i want to start using something before I start getting wrinkles. I have been researching Perricone MD and FRESH but have read many reviews that perricone MD causes alot of rashes and that Fresh dries out skin (probably because Glycerin is one of the first ingredients) Any thoughts? I have also been looking at DRUNK ELEPHANT Shaba Complex™ Eye Serum, Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Triple Correction Eye Serum,  OLE HENRIKSEN Truth Serum® Vitamin C Anti-Aging Collagen Booster  and  CAUDALIE Premier Cru The Eye Cream .  Thoughts? Any suggestions on other brands? They don;t all have to be from the same brand...could be one brand of eye cream and another brand for the serum, etc. Oh and im currently breast feeding so cant use anything with retinol right now but am open to suggestions to use once im done. Please help with any advice!
I was randomly reading about a new mirror introduced at CES (the HiMirror) that scans your face and analyzes your skin and it had mentioned that there are a number of apps out there that can also do something similar, but I haven't found them. 
i'm looking for  moisturizer    
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Does anyone like the Renewed Hope In A Jar moisturizer? I tried a sample of it and I felt like it made my skin feel smoother/less bumpy...only tried it the one time tho. I am thinking of ordering it but would like to hear other people's opinion on it. 
Has anyone ever taken collagen supplements that are suppose to help with fine lines and wrinkles? I have seen them in the store and they are about $60 for one month which is a lot to me. I have done a ton of research and some say they do work, others say they are a waste of money. Just wondering if anyone has had any experiences with these supplements? Don't want to waste my money if it's just a load of crap
I recently bought vitamin E in liquid form. It's high quality, I tried to use it as a night moisturiser and while I like the feel of it, I was wondering if anyone has tried that before?
Hi, can anyone please help me out on choosing the right eye cream? I started out late on using eye cream (about 2 years ago) and I am now 33. In my mid to late 20's I already noticed the fine lines but didn't care about it. In addition to that, I have crow's feet when I am smiling. So now, I am chasing time as I have read that eye cream should have been part of one's regimen even before you see the problems. For 2 years, I have used a local product which was very helpful for eliminating dark circle but made my eye area very dry so I decided to try Neutrogena hydroboost but no difference. And then I switched to Shiseido benefiance wrinkleresist24 for about 3 months now. I also have tried an eye cream from Algenist but wasn't satisfied. Once in a while, I am using Origins Ginzing eye cream. Is there any other products you can recommend? It would be a plus factor if the product can also help with eye bags. Just a little more info about me: Asian-Hispanic descendant, deep set eyes😊
Im 42 yo mom, with dark circles, lines appearing round eyes, and 11's in middle of my forehead.  Is there anything that can reverse this, or minimize ?  if so what would you recommend for a complete treatment from cleanser through to moisturizer?  thanks
what do you recommend between marula oil brand or drunk elephant marula oil
I am 30 and have just started noticing some fine line mostly around my eye area. What are you best recommendations for anti-aging/ fine lines serums and eye creams. I would also love to hear you favorite firming products as well. Thanks!
Unfortunately, I took after my mother with this problem.  I have droopy eyelids, even the littlest tightening will help. I would also like to address the fine lines around my eyes and lips.  Recommendations would be welcomed. Leslie
I am in my 50's and I am so confused on antiaging skincare.  I have medium skintone and minimal sun damage.  I was using algenist and switched to boots no7 mainly because of cost.  I dont feel boots is doing its job.  Any suggestions?
My 50y.o. mother recently developed severe under eye bags due to a thyroid problem. The medical problem has been addressed but she is very very sad about her eye appearance. What is something that will actually work for her puffy under eyes?
I'm approaching 72.  Have been using Origins A perfect world moisturizer but am wondering if I should switch to Origins starting over age erasing moisturizer?  Or do you have a recommendation for another product for dry, aging skin?
Can anyone recommend the best product for sagging face and neck cream.
I am looking recommendation for anti aging skin care products. I am 30 and have dry, sensitive, uneven skin. I would like to buy a set so I can try the entire line plus more budget friendly. I am looking for complete regimen (Eye cream, Face wash, Serum, Moisturizer). I was told Drunk Elephant, Dr. Jart and Tatcha are among the good ones. 
What makeup do you suggest I use for mature skin with rosacea? My skin is quite dry! Also your best eyeliner suggestion as well please!
I am 27 years old, going on 28 in 2 months. I want to continue with anti-aging and wrinkle-prevention skincare. However, I have oily skin and still get blemishes on my cheekbones and have an oily forehead. Is there a moisturizer that can have the anti-aging and wrinkle-prevention effects without causing excess oil on my skin? Thank you!
So after having worked my tail off last week, clocking way too many hours at work, I had the day off.  My husband was at work and I thought it would be a great day to go to the mall and enjoy some alone time. You know, just me, clothes and makeup. At some point during my experience, a gentleman from a kiosk approached me and wanted to know about my skincare habits. Not wanting to be rude, I simply answered that I purchased supplies from Sephora, and was ready to walk away. Well he must have known that I was the type to not cut anyone off, so he begins his speech (nice skin, don't look my age, blah-blah-blah) and leads me to his chair, where he proceeds to put this cream on my face just where my cheek and under eye area meet. The first sensation was tingling followed by mild burning, during which time he is still talking. So then my skin starts to have this tight sensation, and I would have put money on one eye being physically smaller and shaped differently than the other. Finally he asks how it's feeling and I expressed some degree of displeasure/ discomfort. He then reassures me that is the product working and gives me a (and I quote) "biology lesson". Yep, still burny-tight feeling the entire time. Finally, he uses a fire extinguisher disguised as another beauty product to make it stop burning.  The end cost for 2 jars of face-fire: around $300.00!  I asked for literature, he didn't have any. I asked for a business card, he was out of them. I was finally able to get him to write the product name on a paper- DermalActives. He told me not to believe the online reviews (!) because "they weren't using it correctly". After coming home and washing my face, I looked them up. Bottom line- BBB has a red flag on this group. Sorry for the long rant, but my sisters in beauty need to know about this hazard.
Hi-which skincare brand at Sephora contains the most amount of retinol?
Hi! Looking for something to lose the bags under my eyes. I get tons of sleep and they are not dark. I am pretty sure it is just lack of elasticity in my skin.  I tried the Ole Henkins but it didn't work for me - and somehow kept me awake at night.  Any other suggestions for a firming cream? I know I will eventually have surgery but would like to wait a few more years.
I am looking for an eye cream that will help dimish existing crows feet/wrinkles around my eyes and prevent new ones from forming. I am 30 years old and the skin around my eyes gets very dry, so any cream I use needs to be hydrating as well! Currently I use the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream and I love it, but I need more of a solution for the wrinkles!
Hey there, so I am 24 years old and I have a few prominent fine lines underneath my eyes. I'm starting to get worried & was just wondering what type of eye treatment I should start using. Also, I have mostly combo skin, but it tends to get a little dry. Just wondering if it is best to switch back and forth between face wash & cleanser? Thanks!
Best moisturizer for combination skin? 
Hello ladies.   I'm 46yrs old, medium complexion, and have combo skin. I've been using Kate Somerville's Age Arrest Anti-Wrinkle Cream on my entire face and Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm around my eyes. I've been using both products for about two years. Absolutely love the Kate Somerville's face cream, and feel as if my skin is in great condition. The Algenist balm worked well for awhile, but I feel as if the wrinkles around my eyes have become more prominent. It's probably just age. Bummer.   Can you recommend an eye cream or balm that will reduce wrinkles further or maybe plump the skin up a bit, but not be too irritating? I do not have an issue with under eye dark circles or puffiness.   Thanks! Cristina
looking for a good anti aging cream that will work on under eye as well as face