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Hi, I am sixteen and was searching for a good under eye cream because my Clinique all about the eyes is running out. I like the eye cream but I feel like maybe its targeted for a higher age group than mine. I want an eye cream that will hydrate and brighten my under eyes, since I have dark under cricles. I am quite pale, and the minimum exposure to the sun has caused fine wrinkles to form under my eyes. 

Should I use two different eye creams: One at night that is a deep moisturizer with no SPF and another lighter one (with SPF) during the day because of my oily eyelids?

Also, I am looking for a good tinted primer, I am currently using Laura Mercier Radiance and I can't decide if i like it or not, it covers my redness well and looks natural, but I feel like my pores may have actually gotten bigger because of it. I have combination skin, and big pores on my nose area, and acne scars too! 

Thanks for your time!!!! 


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You don't need an under eye cream. Ever. Period. Regardless of age or skin type. 


Eye creams usually consist of ingredients that are almost always going to be found in a product lines corresponding product. Not only that but there is no documented research, case study or peer reviewed sciencetific journa saying that the area needs something different than the face. 


Because you have expressed concern over dark circles, I'd say to try a high coverage cnceealer with a highlighter to counteract any dark blue or purple that comes with having discoloration under the eyes.

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