taking care of your face at 30??

am turning 30 and i never put lotion on my face or facial wash. My friends are telling me i need to moisturizer toner and exfoliate etc

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yeah, it would be a good idea to start. but you dont have to jump into a crazy 15 step regimen. just a good cleanser twice a day, and a lotion with spf. a good scrub cleaner a couple times a week.   ill recommend philosophy if you want sephora products, but olay is very good too. i always used olay "hydrating beauty fluid" for day and "night of olay" at night. ive been trying out some other brands too, like estee lauder and philosophy.  im turning 30 in a month, so i figured i might try to step it up a bit.  but if you havent been using anything, im guessing you have pretty good skin to begin with. good luck!!

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