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I am 18 years old and need help with what skincare and antiaging products to use. I cleanse, tone, and moisturize my face every morning and night, but I don't know what else I need to do. My face is dry on my cheeks but is oily on my forehead, nose, and chin. I do get some breakouts and although they're not a huge problem, I want to know what to use to get rid of them. I also want to start using antiaging products now so that my skin will look younger for a longer time. Thank you!

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It sounds like you are doing great! I would suggest adding a gentle exfoliation every week or so when your skin feel particularly dirty or dry and flaky, or use a mud mask when your skin feel really oily (Queen Helen's Mint Julep mask is the cheapest and work the best of all the mask I've tried <$38). I have combo skin, too, and love Clinique 7 day cream scrub.


As long as you eat healthy and exercise, your body is actually excellent at taking care of itself. Right now I say you don't need or want all the anti-aging/even-skintone/firming hoopla. Some of those are meant for mature skin and the ingredients might cause irritation and I don't know how they react to teenage skin (not to mention they are expensive). More importantly tho, being 24 this year, I can safely say my skin was at it's absolute best and absolutely model-style flawless without make up or photoshop when I was 20-22, and all I did was clean/tone/moisturize with clinique every night, water rinse and drugstore SPF every day, and exfoliate or use a mask every week. For now I suggest focus on hydration and nourishing skin. When you are 22 or 23, start to look into "first sign of aging" or age preventing etc.


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