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I have always wondered what is the difference (other than price) between the Lancome anti-aging collections, e.g. Renergie, High Resolution, Genifique and Absolue? Which one should you use when you're in your 20's, 30's?    I am 22 and looking for a Lancome eye cream with SPF that will protect against appearance of first fine lines.
I need some suggestions for skin care products.  I'm overwhelmed by all of the choices.  I'm 36 years old with normal to dry skin.  My major issue is hyper-pigmentation that is from the sun and old acne places.  I'm very careful about wearing sunblock and a hat, but I spend so much time outside during the summer, I still end up with with some sun.  My current routine just doesn't seem to be enough anymore.  I would love some ideas.  I'm willing to spend more on skincare, but I don't have an unlimited budget.  Sephora is difficult for me to get to, but Ulta is much easier.   I have been using Cetaphil face wash and lotion along with an Olay night cream for a long time.  My skin is sensitive to some stronger products that results in redness and stinging.  My acne is under control now, and seems to be stress related.    Thanks to everyone for the help.
Hi, everyone! I am 26, and I still have a problem with acne. If I stick to my regular routine (Clinique's 3 Step Acne System followed with a Green Tea Moisturizer from Alba Botanica) my skin stays clear pretty consistently. However, I'm an actor and would like to start using an Anti-Aging product at night to keep my skin looking youthful as long as possible. ANYTHING I have tried (including the new Philosophy Anti-Aging for Acne Prone Skin) breaks me out. I'm getting frustrated. Does anyone have a miracle product they've found that doesn't break them out? Help! 
im looking for a eye cream that will help with lines, wrinkles and help brighten. but want to make sure it dries and makeup can be applied over im in my late 20's and just wanting some advice thanks yall !
Hi Im looking for an eye cream that contains peptides and antioxidents/vitamin C
I'm looking for something to wear at night.   Thanks!
I have a bit of T-zone acne due to peri-menopausal hormones. I have also noticed significant new wrinkles around my mouth and fine lines around my eyes. Every time I try to use something for the wrinkles it seems to cause a break-out. My acne treatments seem to work fine, but what can use for wrinkles that won't cause break-outs?
What oil is better for "anti-aging" - Marula oil, or Nude Progenius? (I'm 37 years old, concerned about expression lines near mouth.) thanks
I recently got a bunch of free samples for my skin type (combo/oily, aging) from Mario Badescu, and I fell in love with them. Just wondering if anyone else has feedback about MB. Almost feel guilty cuz Sephora doesn't carry the brand, but my results have been wonderful. May have found my HG skincare. Comments?
I was a Clinique user for years, then Theraderm, and now Peter Thomas Roth.  I also have regular peels to correct the past damage I've done.  But my skin is now dry (and I break out once in a while), and I can't seem to find a product line that works to both cleanse and mosturize my face.  Seems like anti-aging lines are too drying, and a lot of the recommended 'over 40' moisturizers are too greasy.   Does anyone have products that have worked well for them?  How about serums instead of moisturizers; thoughts on those?  Thank you!!
In the past 6 months, I have woken up with chest wrinkles or "sleep wrinkles".   In the beginning, they would fade, now they're sticking around.  They start on my upper chest and migrate down between the "girls".   How do I get rid of them?   Argh!
I am thirty years old and have always had pretty nice skin. I don't get a lot of breakouts (maybe one or two during my menstrual cycle) and I would say it leans more on the regular to dry side. I want to start using a moisturizer or cleanser and moisturizer to reduce fine lines and keep my skin looking good as I transition into my thirties. I don't have a lot of lines yet, but I would like to keep it that way. I'm afraid of getting something too strong--for example I tried Oil of Olay Anti Aging Cream and it caused my skin to freak out--probably because my skin is pretty sensitive and the ingredients are not the highest quality in that brand. I don't want anything too perfumey or too chemically since my skin is sensitive. What do you recommend?
Hello all, I'm 36 yrs old. I recently lost 83 pounds and all the sudden.. my face got totally wrecked. A ton of wrinkles appears around my eyes and mouth when I laugh or even talk. I didnt notice it when applying my makeup everyday. I just happen to be looking in the mirror when talking on my phone when I laughed... I was in total horror as I saw quite a collection of eye wrinkles that suddenly appears like lightning bolts.  Someone said it was due to the weight loss but I dont understand how.   What can I do to minimize them?? I can't use liquid foundation cause of the diet I'm on. How do I hide them??
Hello all! So I am 27 and I am have been dealing with acne for the past couple of years so that has been my focus for skincare. However, I am starting to get very fine lines on my forehead. I also just found a tiny, yet deeper, line above my left eyebrow. I need to start working on an anti-aging regime while still combating my acne (which does seem to be getting better).   Any product suggestions for acne-prone skin that is just starting to see the first signs of aging? I would like to go with something paraben free.   Also, the esthetician who does my salicylic acid peels every two weeks for my acne told me that I might want to think about botox because the vast majority of topicals are just hype and I quote "the best way to fight lines is to never get them." So, what do you all think? Are there topicals that can help me erase these fine lines.  
PTR Instant FirmX.jpg
Sadly, I'm 18 and I've noticed i have lines on my forehead and where my smile is. I do where spf 30 anytime I'm outside but the sun damage I'm assuming is from the past.. help!!
I have started developing light wrinkles under my eyelids. I tend to wear eyeliner alot and I guess because of it under eye wrinkles are kicking in! Can anyone recommend me the best eye cream for this predicament as well as something affordable and not unreasonably expensive?
I am looking into buying some skincare and after reading a lot of reviews, I think I am going to decide either between Philosophy's miracle worker or Peter Thomas Roth's anti-agin line. Which is better? 
I want to buy an eye cream, but I'm very sensitive to some ingredients so these are the options I want to choose from. If any of you have tried any of these, please let me know what you liked/disliked about them. I appreciate your help so much!   (I'd like to use the eye cream for both under my eyes and on the lids if possible).   Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream Boscia Amino AG eye treatment Fresh creme ancienne eye cream Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminee eye and lip cream    
Hello, i have tried Vinexpert firming serum because I have concens with aging. It just seems to be so thick and reading reviews it seems like you can only use with their products. I am almost 40 and skin is getting looser.  Does anyone have ideas on the best serum for aging? I have combination skin. Thanks
I'm approaching 50 but don't want to look like that.  All the advertisements seem to picture young people who don't need the product in the first place.  I'm looking for REAL help. Please, you 50 somethings, give me some advice.
I recieved Dr. Dennis Gross's new eye serum today and I love it. The only problem is its not quite moisturizing enough so i deffinately need a cream with it. i possted a question earlier but the suggestions i was getting were eye creams that i really had no interest in or had tried before. i called the nearest sephora and a woman told me to try shiseido benefiance (but i thought that was just for wrinkles) i've tried so many eye creams over the past year and a half that i really dont want to make another return. the main problems around my eyes are: Hydration/Dryness, Puffiness, Dark Circles(which are not always this dark and some creams do help...if only i could remeber which they were!!!)  and a few fine lines a little crows feet ( maybee some firmness). but keep in mind i will be wearing dr dennis gross,s skincare ferulic+retinol triple corection eye serum with the cream. i just want something thats going to make dr gross's eye serum even better( or atleast attemt to find it), and i'm absolutely not a skincare expert...but any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome. i will stop rambling now...thanks in advance kt
I'm verry concerned about my skin and have tried to take good care of it since i was probably 12. Recently I've been seeing you should start using eye creams at 17, while other things tend to say that you don't even need anti-aging products at this age and that they will do more harm instead of good. Should I start using eye cream or any anti-aging products and if so, which ones? I don't have a lot of money to spend on a whole new line of products, but I would splurge on something really good. Good drugstore brands are also welcome.     P.S.- As far as actual concerns for my eyes go, I mainly worried about prevention, however around my eyes can get dry and flaky when using just about anything. So maybe something moisturizing would be good.
I really, really need some advice on Neck Firming Products!!!! Anyone out there have a suggestion?? Thanks!!
Please tell me what is good to use on upper eyelids and brow bones. I am 28. Thanks.
Being in my mid 20's, I am interested in beginning to use eye cream for its obvious benefits. I haven't been able to find a nice, decent priced eye cream containing SPF and was wondering if I could get away with using my regular daytime face SPF on my eyes as long as it is not irritating? It's Neutrogena, if that makes any difference. I also have Origins Ginzing and was wondering if I would apply this before or after my SPF. Thanks!
Hi, I am sixteen and was searching for a good under eye cream because my Clinique all about the eyes is running out. I like the eye cream but I feel like maybe its targeted for a higher age group than mine. I want an eye cream that will hydrate and brighten my under eyes, since I have dark under cricles. I am quite pale, and the minimum exposure to the sun has caused fine wrinkles to form under my eyes.  Should I use two different eye creams: One at night that is a deep moisturizer with no SPF and another lighter one (with SPF) during the day because of my oily eyelids? Also, I am looking for a good tinted primer, I am currently using Laura Mercier Radiance and I can't decide if i like it or not, it covers my redness well and looks natural, but I feel like my pores may have actually gotten bigger because of it. I have combination skin, and big pores on my nose area, and acne scars too!  Thanks for your time!!!!   
I have been looking for nearly a year for a good anti-aging cream. I am 21 so I need something that prevents aging more than undoing already damaged skin. I need something that will enhance glow as well as I have dull, reddened skin. Please help- I'm feeling quite hopeless.  
I am 51 (almost) and have oily skin but dry thin skin around my eyes that are starting to wrinkle and sag. What would you recommend for the best eye cream for this? Thank you for any help?   Patricia