best moisturizer with spf for my combo, crazy skin?
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I'm 33, with fine lines, oily nose/chin/dry cheeks, prone to beakouts from cheeks to chin......Very combo I guess. I need a daytime lightweight moisturizer for when I go without makeup. An spf of 15 is okay I guess..but I looked at Murad's and it had an spf of 30.

I need something that won't break me out, be greasy in the hot humid summer, help with aging issues, and protect my skin. I guess it needs to do it all! Please beauty mavens, if you have used or heard of any good ones that fit the bill, let me know.

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LaRoche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra light Sunscreen Fluid goes on really smoothly (not gooey or greasy), SPF 60 and is noncomedogenic and safe for sensitive skin. If I feel I need more moisturizer that what is in the sunscreen, I layer tinted moisturizer over this.

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thanks, that sounds perfect!!!! I'll check it out but something tells me it's really pricey....... spf 60? wow.
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