What are synonyms of Retinol and glycol?
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I know retinol and glycol shouldn't be used together, so I'm separating my many deluxe/travel size serum/moisturizers into 2 categories, but they go by many names. To confirm, am I correct in assuming they are the same? are there any other name they go incognito under?


Same or similar or ingredients that can go together:

- Retinol, Vitamin A, Retinyl

- Glycol, Vitamin C, any fruit acid (citric acid etc), lactic acid


Is that correct?



ps. Apparently a lot of Murad have Retinol and a lot of Algenist have glycol. Wuh? 1 product I have (Bobbi Brown eye balm) actually have both butylene glycol and retinyl palmitate in the ingredients. Hmm...

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