Triple Eye Trifecta Problem - Seeking User Recommendations!
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I have medium complexion combo skin and am in my mid 30s. Since having my first child I've been not only hit by sleeplessness but suddenly (GASP!) Wrinkles, Darkening under the eyes, AND Under eye puffiness. Is there an eye cream that can help with all three of these problems? 


Something that will moisturize that area and minimize the wrinkles, counter the puffiness and the darkening under the eyes? Thank you for your feedback and recommendations in advance!

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I highly recommend Cauldalie's Premier Cru to tackle your Trifecta Eyes Smiley Happy  It's brightening, hydrating, cooling and soothing.  I think you will be most pleased given what you've said your needs are.  Should you need a bit more depuffing on certain mornings, try placing a stainless steel under eye roller ball treatment in the fridge for an extra cooling, depuffing result!




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