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i am 31 years old and just noticing that my eye lids are not as firm as they used to be. One in particular is getting lazy and it is very annoying (probably bc i obsess over it). I want something that lifts and contours and willing to pay if it works. I am also not sure if puffiness is the same issue or if I need a product that actually lifts as opposed to just depuffs. Any ideas? There are too many products to choose from! 

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There are a few products that were specifically made for this exact concern.  One of the best out there in my opinion is Dr. Perricone Acyl Glutathione Eye lid serum.  It is a little more expensive but uses advanced technology to reverse the signs of aging.  Use a very small amount on the lid and brow bone area, then finish under the eye.  This serum actually replenishes the depleted acyl glutathione in your body which has never before been done.  Results will be lifted more awake eyes and firmer lids.


Give it a try- you should notice results in the first couple weeks.




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