Skincare advice for the over 40 crowd?
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I was a Clinique user for years, then Theraderm, and now Peter Thomas Roth.  I also have regular peels to correct the past damage I've done.  But my skin is now dry (and I break out once in a while), and I can't seem to find a product line that works to both cleanse and mosturize my face.  Seems like anti-aging lines are too drying, and a lot of the recommended 'over 40' moisturizers are too greasy.   Does anyone have products that have worked well for them?  How about serums instead of moisturizers; thoughts on those?  Thank you!!

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I turn 39 + 1 (because I can't bear to say "it") this Winter, and you girls are scaring me!!  This just can't be happening!  Weren't we just listening to some Vanilla Ice like yesterday??!


Its Saturday night and I am sitting home doing laundry with a eye mask on that says it is going to make me look younger in just 20 minutes. I will probably be a sleep by 9. Funny thing, 20 years ago, I would just be getting ready to go out for the night with my blue eyeliner on and my hair spayed out as high as I could get it using aqua net hair spray and I would have been listening to Vanilla Ice!

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I just turned 40 and it was like I woke up on my birthday with different skin. To help with my dry skin I have been using a mix of Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier.

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It sounds like the moisturizer I use would be too heavy for you, but I'll share some other products you might like....FWIW, I have dry sensitive skin and  sensitive eyes that can't stand very fragranced face products and these have worked well for me. 


I'm using "DR. DENNIS GROSS SKINCARE Ferulic + Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum".  I think it's really made a difference.


When I want some moisture, I use "TARTE Maracuja C-Brighter™ Eye Treatment".  I have no idea if it is 'doing' anything, but it's at least a very nice eye cream that works well under makeup and it's very reasonably priced.


I also really like the Josie Maran SPF 40.  It's very moisturizing and it feels more like I'm putting lotion on my face everyday instead of sunscreen.  You might not even need a moisturizer wit it.  It also says it's works as a primer.  


I just finished a bottle of Ole Henriksen's Vit C serum.  It was nice and I may purchase again but still deciding.  I enjoy the Gross eye serum so much I'm considering the face serum.  


To cleanse:


In the shower I use John Master's rose face wash .. not drying but still takes off everything


I also cleanse with Koh Gen Do cleansing water.  It takes off everything and you don't have to rinse.  

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I'm over 40 and I really like Ole Henriksen.  I've been using it for several years and it really has improved my complexion.  I use the African red tea foaming cleanser (which also removes makeup), then the truth serum Vitamin C collagen booster serum, sheer transformation moisturizer and an eye cream.  Right now I am using the Fresh Lotus eye cream to combat puffiness.


 In the evening I use the same cleanser, and then either the invigorating night gel (sometimes mixed with a few drops of pure truth Vitamin C youth activating oil, or the express the truth cream, both followed by the truth is in the eyes Vitamin C eye peel concentrate, followed by visual truth eye cream.  I also use a lash growth serum on my eyelashes.


That being said, I like to mix up my evening routine and I also like Peter Thomas Roth products, so sometimes I will wash my face with the African red tea foaming cleanser, then follow that with a PTR unwrinkle peel pad, then will use either the unwrinkle serum (regular or turbo) or the unwrinkle night cream.


I alternate nights with these products.


I like the Ole Henriksen Feel the Difference mask and I use that in the shower.  I apply it to my clean face first thing and leave it on while I am in the shower and rinse it off at the end. 


I also like the Ole Henriksen African red tea face mist and use this as a toner, right after washing my face, or as a mist over my makeup when I am done applying it.


There is currently an Ole Henriksen African red tea set in the sale section at a very good price.  I've bought like 3 of them already to stock up!  ;-)



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I am also in my 40's and looking for a hand cream that keeps my skin hydrated in the Winter.  Does anyone out there have recommendations? 


I am currently using the Murad Essential C Day moisture with SPF 30 and PA +++.

I can not tell you how many products I have tried.  I mostly find moisturizers to be too greasy or heavy.

I am surprised  no one has mentioned using Kiehl's products  .I totally swear by the Kiehl's "Midnight Recovery Concentrate" It is a serum , in the form of an oil. It is meant to repair damage and wear to the face.  I was hesitant at first, because it is an oil- but I got over that and now I swear by it.  It is almost in place of a moisturizer.  It is brilliant at replenishing balance.

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Say Yes to Cucumbers Milk Face Wash cleans my face without drying. I cant use anything else.


For moisturizers, there's a few that work for me. MAC Strobe Cream. Elta MD AM therapy face moisturizer. The Clinique Super Antioxidant night hasn't been working quite as well lately so I'm looking at Boscia night cream.

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