Sagging Cheeks
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Can anyone recommend a cream for sagging cheeks? I've developed creases around my cheeks when I smile.

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I use a gel moisturizer all over face and neck, Clinique's intense moisture (the pink stuff), and then follow up with pure frankincense essential oil. Actually I use a few drops of the frankincense oil mixed with a couple of drops of lavender essential oil and a couple of drops of jojoba oil. Lavender is gentle and calming. Jojoba is a liquid wax that greatly resembles the natural oils in skin and fills in fine lines for a smooth finish, and frankincense is the best thing ever. It firms and tones and heals skin, plus it "sets" fairly quickly into a smooth non-greasy layer on your skin. It feels like you're slathering a bunch of oil on your face and neck, but a minute or two later you're ready for sunscreen and whatever makeup you use. I use it at night too.


I use the Indian variety of pure frankincense essential oil that you can find online for $3 for a 1/2 ounce. That should last you a few weeks, long enough to see what a wonderful substance it is. 


Frankincense oil gives me a firm jaw line again (I'm 56). I love the way my skin looks. It's a lot cheaper than creams, a little goes a long way, and it actually firms and tones sagging skin. Sagging ages you more than wrinkles and is harder to do anything about. Try pure frankincense essential oil. You'll be smooth and soft. Plus all your favorite Sephora cosmetics will look even better on you. 

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