I am 58 and am looking for a new line of skin care. I use Estee Lauder products now and love them, but am looking to branch out. I would need an anti-aging serum, night cream, daytime moisturizer and an eye cream. Thoughts?
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I agree with the previous poster about looking into Perricone Md and Philosophy. 

Perricone MD has a starter kit called Prescription for Youthful Skin which will run $75.  It has the Citrus Facial Wash, Firming Toner, Face Finishing Moisture, and a Lift Serum.  You would have to add your own eye cream, which if you stay Perricone MD, go for Advanced Eye Area Therapy (pricey $95).

Out of Perricone MD products (if you dont want to go the starter kit route) Nutritive Cleanser ($38) and Face Finishing Moisture ($65) are perfect for combating signs of aging and for your age group.  There is also a set that includes this Cleanser called Flawless Perfection Set ($115).

My favorite set (I have tried all of the products and I highly recommend if your skin isn't sensitive) is Peter Thomas Roth Age Defense Kit.  It has everything you asked for, minus the eye cream, for $56. The breakthrough performance products are PM Retinol Fusion, and Mega Rich Intensive Anti Aging Cellular Cream.  The kit isn't as pricey as the Perricone MD, but when you purchase each item individually, it adds up.

If none of this works, look into Dermalogica, Philosophy, Bliss......All highly raved about lines that offer products for your concerns.

Good Luck <3

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There is so many brands that do have products that you need, but its hard to really choose a brand and stick with it. 

thats the best thing you can do is have one that you always use instead of switching out so much it will eventually damage your skin. 

Take a look at Pericone MD or Philosophy. 


Be sure to not only use the right skin products but makeup products as well, stick to an all natural maybe mineral makeup, it'll do wonders for your skin. 


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Hi I am the same age and have been using Perricone Cold Plasma and Cold Plasma for eyes.  The results are pretty amazing as far as improving the smoothness of skin.  There are other products to go over it in the line, depending on your skin issues or concerns.

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My favorite products are by Peter Thomas Roth and they are in his line called "Un-Wrinkle".  Just type in Sephora's search box "Un-Wrinkle" and all of this skincare line will pop up for you to take a look at.

I hope this helps you. Smiley Happy

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