Philosophy vs Peter Thomas Roth?
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I am looking into buying some skincare and after reading a lot of reviews, I think I am going to decide either between Philosophy's miracle worker or Peter Thomas Roth's anti-agin line. Which is better? 

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I've been using Miracle Worker trial kit (best bargain for the money - especially as it has gone from $120 to $83!!!) for literally years - including the Retinoid Solution, the retinoid face serum (now replaced for some reason with retinoid eye cream) and the anti-aging moisturizer and can easily say it has done WONDERS!!! After about a year, I ordered Help Me (night treatment) and alternated between that followed by the Miracle Worker anti-aging moisturizer (nothing else) one night and the whole trial kit regime on other nights. I could never decide if the Retinoid Solution or Help Me proved to be any better or worse than the other... both worked very well. I have since added Retin-a Microgel to the routine (again, not on the same nights) but I can honestly say that the difference I saw after a few months of M.W. trial kit has never been so evidently repeated, even after retin-a introduction. Never had the guts to throw down the cash required for the PTR line, but will definitely recommend Philosophy's M.W. line to anyone!!! It's an A+!

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