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Being 26 years young, I am still new to eye cream. I have been using Sephora's Age Defy Eye Cream. It's called something like that, it's in the purple bottle. Anyway, I'm looking to try something else. I don't have any problems such as dry or oily lids and was leaning to Origins GinZing or Clinique all about eyes but am open to any other suggestions. Also, is it necessary to use an eye cream morning and night? If so, would you suggest using a different for each time of day? Thanks!

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I've used Origin's GinZing and it was pretty nice, it's not a super duty anti-aging cream, so if you're looking for one that's less frills and more so about just a perk up for the eyes the GinZing could work. The brightening effect was more so a temporary/instant thing, as it uses light diffusers, so it does give a bit of a luminzed look to the eyes, I definitely noticed it did help moisturize and soften the skin on my undereyes.


I do hear good things about the Clinique eye cream. Another thing to look into that's super simple is Garnier's under eye rollers. They have a regular formula, anti-aging, and brightening with a bit of tint. I've used the regular and brightening one and like both. They feel soothing, the roller ball massages the undereye area well and helps calm puffiness.

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