Natural anti-aging for teens?

Since I'm not spending as much money as I thought I was going to on my skin this holiday, because there isn't much I need, what would you reccomend for to prevent aging? My skin is extremely sensitive to chemicals, it will get really oily and stuff, so I need something natural. I don't have wrinkles, obviously I'm a teen, so I don't want something that gets rid of them, I just want something to prevent them! Smiley Happy

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The absolute best anti aging product that anyone can use in any age group is sunscreen. Most of what we consider to be signs of aging are actually UV damage. So wear sunscreen every day, rain or shine, UV can easily penetrate cloud cover. Also be sure to use it in the winter too, UV rays can be reflected off snow and ice and burn as bad or worse than in summer. 


Josie Maran makes Argan Oil Natural Sunblock SPF 30. There are also other companies that make natural sunscreens, try Googling Natural Sunblock (sunscreen), a bunch of kinds come up. If you can get to a Sephora Store, they can make you up a sample of the Josie Maran Sunscreen to try before purchasing.

Hope this helps!

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