Moisturizer for oily/sensitive/EXTREMELY acne prone skin along with anti-aging benefits

Hello, I am looking for a moisturizer for oily/sensitive/EXTREMELY acne prone skin along with anti-aging benefits. Any suggestions??? I'm starting to get expression lines around my mouth and on my forehead! Help!

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Kate Somerville's Oil-Free Moisturizer is seriously AMAZING! It works WONDERS on my oily, acne-prone complexion. It is light enough that your skin soaks it all up immediately, but it moisturizers your skin very well at the same time. It has built in anti-aging benefits as well! I definitely would recommend it. It's a bit pricey, but hey we're heading into the holidays and Sephora's got some great deals!


Hope this helps! Good luck!


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Murad makes an anti acne anti wrinkle moisturizer with spf 20.....been using it for an excellent product and does not make me break out.  Is expensive, but well worth it as it is the only product out there that doesn't make me break out.

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I'm looking for the exact same skincare regimen.  Oily/acne-prone and starting to see visible expression lines around forehead and eyes.  Smiley Sad


Here's my progress so far.  I've decided to use acne-treating cleansers, toners and spot treatments.  But for moisturizers, I'm going to pick something that's oil-free yet moisturizing for the dry winter months.  I've also introduced an anti-aging serum for application between toning and moisturizing.  (I stayed away before because I didn't want to pile on too much over the acne.)  The rationale is that serums are super absorbent and nowhere near as greasy as creams and lotions, so that's my #1 aid in anti-aging.  I find that sometimes my acne recedes when my skin is well-tended and moisturized, which is why I want to use an oil-free moisturizer focused on moisturizing instead of treating acne.


Step by step, my routine goes something like:


  1. Boscia Purifying Cleanser
  2. Clinique Anti-Acne Toner
  3. Ole Henriksen Truth Serum or Kinerase C8 Peptide Intensive Treatment
  4. Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Cream
  5. Ole Henriksen Fresh Start Eye Creme
  6. Acne Treatment (rotating between a prescription cream, Aveda Outer Peace and Neutrogena Rapid Clear)

Oh, and if the gel cream (#4) isn't moisturizing enough in the morning, I use an anti-aging primer before my foundation to get an extra boost of moisture (there's a great one from CoverFX called SkinPrep that doesn't cause breakouts).  It's a lot of steps, so in the mornings I skip the serum or the toner.


I also do a lot of exfoliating and masks throughout the week.  Once a week I use the Juice Beauty Green Apple Full Strength Peel.  Once a week I do a mud mask (not the same day as the peel).  A few times a week I exfoliate at night with lemon juice and sugar.  I figure the best way to fight acne is to keep the face clean and free of dirt and bacteria.


Neutrogena had an anti-aging/anti-acne line for a while but it left the stores pretty fast.  Has anyone tried it or know why it got shelved so fast?

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Clinique has the best moisturizer for all skin types.  It automatically sooths the face, but you can not use it alone you must use it with a face cleanser in order for it to work.  Also, the more you use it the more it works.  Enjoy!

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Hi!  That is so hard to find.  I have the same problem though- if you get a moisturizer for acne it makes you so dry you need another one to moisten up your face again!  I used the Bliss "No Zit Sherlock" moisturizer, which has probiotics and salicylic acid, and have had pretty good luck.  I can't say that it has any real anti- aging properties though.  Most of the moisturizers that are for aging skin are focused on dryness...which makes the acne worse Smiley Sad 

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Oh! You must try ARTISTRY time defence skin refinishing lotion, wish I could show you all the amazing products that the brand is offering. They are too too good, while they are the sponsor's of Miss America Beatty pageant.



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