Looking for an eye cream to go with Dr. Dennis Gross's Ferulic+Retinol Triple Correction Eye Serum
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I recieved Dr. Dennis Gross's new eye serum today and I love it. The only problem is its not quite moisturizing enough so i deffinately need a cream with it. i possted a question earlier but the suggestions i was getting were eye creams that i really had no interest in or had tried before. i called the nearest sephora and a woman told me to try shiseido benefiance (but i thought that was just for wrinkles) i've tried so many eye creams over the past year and a half that i really dont want to make another return. the main problems around my eyes are: Hydration/Dryness, Puffiness, Dark Circles(which are not always this dark and some creams do help...if only i could remeber which they were!!!)  and a few fine lines a little crows feet ( maybee some firmness). but keep in mind i will be wearing dr dennis gross,s skincare ferulic+retinol triple corection eye serum with the cream. i just want something thats going to make dr gross's eye serum even better( or atleast attemt to find it), and i'm absolutely not a skincare expert...but any ideas or suggestions are more than welcome. i will stop rambling now...thanks in advanceSmiley Happy kt

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As the Dr. DG eye serum is so potent and contains some pretty heavy hitters in the anti-aging/treatment department, I suggest going with a more simplified formula for an eye cream to hydrate such as Origins Eye Doctor:




Antioxidants, cucumber, rosemary, and ginseng help protect skin from free radicals, soothe, calm, and strengthens the skin while helping to hydrate.


You can also look into Clinique's All About Eyes and All About Eyes Intensive creams, again, a simple formula to depuff, hydrate, and soothe using botanical ingredients.


Boscia's got their Amino eye treatment cream that rebuilds skin's barriers and has antioxidants plus botanicals to hydrate, reduce puffiness, and treat. Boscia is a botanical based line that is preservative free, great for senstive skin and less likely to cancel out or combat the effects of the Dr. DG eye serum.



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