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Hi. I recently turned 32 and have started noticing some smiles lines around my mouth. Is there a good moisturizer that can help with this issue that's also good for combo skin? I currently am not using a moisturizer, which I know is bad. I use Sephora tinted moisturizer or Smashbox BB Cream as my foundation.




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Look into Ole Heriksen's products. They're very gentle and even have lighter weight moisturizers so your combo skin doesn't feel heavy.


Their truth serum is a life saver! I use them on my laugh lines and even on post acne marks/dark spots to help fade them and it also boosts collagen production with the use of vitamin C!


Try the 3 Little Wonders Kit:



You get two moisturizers and the serum. Treatment based products are going to pack more of a punch in delivering results for treating the lines as they're aimed to target issues. Moisturizers will help condition and nourish the skin and help maintain and healthy balance.

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