Is eye cream a necessity?
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Being in my mid 20's, I am interested in beginning to use eye cream for its obvious benefits. I haven't been able to find a nice, decent priced eye cream containing SPF and was wondering if I could get away with using my regular daytime face SPF on my eyes as long as it is not irritating? It's Neutrogena, if that makes any difference. I also have Origins Ginzing and was wondering if I would apply this before or after my SPF. Thanks!

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To me, eye cream is a necessity morning and night. I haven't found one with SPF as it usually irritates the eyes, so they don't make many. I just use my face SPF lotion everywhere and try to keep it out of my eyes. But you should def use eye cream as when you get older , you'll be thanking yourself.

Eye cream to me becomes more of a necessity as one ages, but also as a great maintainence and precautionary tool to ward off and keep things like sagging skin and fine lines at bay.


The skin around the eyes is so delicate and thin, along with sensistive, that most facial moisturizers are a bit heavy and don't sink in and absorb as well. Eye creams are formulated to take in better for this specified area.


You can apply the GinZing before SPF, since eye creams are treatments, they should go on after you've cleansed/toned your skin and during the time you apply any treatments like serums, spot treatments, then follow up with your lotion/SPF.


Origins makes some other eye creams you can look into that work pretty well and are more basic, uncomplicated formulas that aren't heavy hitting anti-agers if there are so super huge concerns for that.


Second what lylysal said.


It is a necessity for me because I have combination skin, but I get dry/flaky eyelid just above my top lash line, and most moisturizers (or even special effect eye creams) are too heavy or irritates. I just use a normal eye cream all around my eyes including on top of lashline, then apply the SPF moisturizer over it on the bottom.

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I love the eye cream from Aurora Pacific for it's consistency.  Very comforting Smiley Happy!...

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What type of eye cream do yall sugest? There are so many to choose from Smiley Happy

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