I have a dark Corners on my inner eyes. How to get rid of them?
Hi. I need a little help. I have dark corners on the corner of my inner eyes, They don't look like dark eye circles when I google it. Is a tinted dark color on my inner corners of my eyes. I don't know what they are called. I need products to get rid of it. I had tried many eye creams for half a year like Lancôme genifque eye, origins eye cream, Bobbi cream. None of them is working.
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Try to use soe shadow as a highlighter and cover. Basically you take a small brush or even ur finger and put some light shadow in the np inner corner where ur tear duct is. I put it on top and right under my lashes in a V shape. This is a trick I learned after seeing all the women on tv, theyre eyes always look so open and bright even with a smokey eye. It may help improve ur situation. Otherwise, try an eye cream meant for dark areas.
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The skin is usually very thin around the eyes, so what you're seeing is probably capillaries that are close to the surface, right under the skin (depending on your skin type, the area can look blue, green etc.). To be honest, nothing will really make this go away -- instead, I would invest in a good concealer, such as Bobbi Brown Corrector. These shades are all peach or pink based to neutralize discoloration.




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You should choose products that will highlight as well as conceal . I have the worst dark circles all around my eyes and I use YSL Touche Eclat in #2 , this color every one can use because it universal and you can also use it over your foundation. Also sephora has it right now as one of their 3 sample products.

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