How to apply eye serum and eye cream

How do apply Kinerase C8 under eye treatment?  Should it go no further than the orbital bone or can I get closer to my under eye?    The Intensive eye cream says to apply to the "eye area."  That seems really vague.  Do I apply it to the orbital bone area or can I use it directly under my eye and eye lids?

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C8 is more of a serum than a cream so I would apply it first and let it dry for a minute or so and then apply the eye cream.  If what you have it Kinerase Intensive Eye Treatment, then you can apply it directly under your eye.  Actually any EYE cream can be applied directly under your eye.  It's facial creams that you have to be careful and not go above your orbital bone with.

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Eye creams can be put right close to your eye on that delicate skin around your eye ball.  They are safe near/next to the eye and gentle enough for the skin directly around your eye.  You'll want to make sure that you treat this skin delicately and gently tap and smooth the eye cream in using the finger next to your pinky.  This finger is comparatively weak and by using it you will avoid too aggressive rubbing which may cause more wrinkling/damage of the skin surrounding your actual eye ball.


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