Dr Perricone Acyl-Glutathione Eye lid serum: Does it work?

Has anyone tried the Dr Perricone Acyl-Glutathione Eye Lid Serum? My dad has hooded eyes and im only 14 but I already have really hooded eyes and wrinkles and dryness that wont go a way, plus dark cirlcles. Does this actually LIFT the eye lids? What are its effects on wrinkles and drak circles, and moisture? Thanks!

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Hi.  I recently bought this after trying a sample and I must say I love it.  It is spendy, but about a quarter of a pump works for me.  It instantly lifts and tightens and the skin actually feels tight all day.  I do not know if this is something that will help the problem or just makes it look better and more lifted while you use it or if it lifts more over time.  I use it for undereye puffiness as well and it has worked great and I pair Skyn Icelandic eye cream over it for the dark circles.  My puffiness and circles are now gone after about three weeks of use and I only use the Perricone in the am.

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Hi coolmom3 - I've been eyeing this product and am willing to spend a bit more on something fhat really works, especially for that sensitive area. It's nearly impossible to find something like this. I also thought Skyn Icelandic sounded interesting and am impressed and encouraged that you have seen such wonderful results. I was wondering, can you tell me where you got a sample of the Perricone product? I think Perricone samples are hard to find. Places often say you can return things, but I'm the worst about returning. Glad this has worked so well for you, I know how annoying HES (Hooded Eye Syndrome) can be. Thanks in advance.

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