Best skin products for anti-aging? I'm approaching 50 but don't want to look like that.

I'm approaching 50 but don't want to look like that.  All the advertisements seem to picture young people who don't need the product in the first place.  I'm looking for REAL help. Please, you 50 somethings, give me some advice.

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I've tried so many different products along the way, and never got attached to any.  Then I started researching ingredients and learned about all the really bad possible side effects from a lot of the chemical ingredients and preservatives like parabens and sulfates.  I quickly switched to all natural products and recently stumbled across my new "can't live without" products!  It's from a company called Airelle. Their serum and repair cream are amazing!  The Eye & Lip product travels with me everywhere.  And if you look into their ingredients you will see that they include pretty much all of the "good stuff" that everyone talks about, like Vit A, E and C, Hyaluronic Acid, etc.  It is extremely hard to find, but I buy mine through their website.  I believe it was created by a Dermatologist, so I trust it a lot more than some of the other natural brands out there.  Its pretty much the only product I've used so far that is all natural and I see great results.  I've actually never been complimented so much on my skin since I started using it.  Hope this helps!

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