Best skin products for anti-aging? I'm approaching 50 but don't want to look like that.

I'm approaching 50 but don't want to look like that.  All the advertisements seem to picture young people who don't need the product in the first place.  I'm looking for REAL help. Please, you 50 somethings, give me some advice.

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IHeadshot3_small_crop.jpg'm 54 but most people guess my age in my late 30's. I swear by a prescription retinol cream with hydroquinone (sp?)from my dermatologist, sunblock (I'm not loyal to any one) and Prevage during the day (aside from a good eye cream--Clinique's Anti-Gravity is a good one). You can find OTC products with retinol but they won't have the same concentration as an Rx. I have not yet found a good neck cream, however. So I now have a great collection of scarves. Smiley Happy

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