Best skin products for anti-aging? I'm approaching 50 but don't want to look like that.

I'm approaching 50 but don't want to look like that.  All the advertisements seem to picture young people who don't need the product in the first place.  I'm looking for REAL help. Please, you 50 somethings, give me some advice.

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IHeadshot3_small_crop.jpg'm 54 but most people guess my age in my late 30's. I swear by a prescription retinol cream with hydroquinone (sp?)from my dermatologist, sunblock (I'm not loyal to any one) and Prevage during the day (aside from a good eye cream--Clinique's Anti-Gravity is a good one). You can find OTC products with retinol but they won't have the same concentration as an Rx. I have not yet found a good neck cream, however. So I now have a great collection of scarves. Smiley Happy


I've tried Murad, Ole, Philosphy, Dr. Brandt, etc.  Perricone is, IMO, the best.  The only one I've used that has actually made a visible difference.  The products are pricey, but last a long time and definitely worth it.  Sephora (in the store) sells an "travel" type package for $95 that has a lot of small sized products.  Online they have a small sample size of the acyl cream for about $15 - it's definitely worth a try.  I started using it and a friend, who I hadn't seen in several months, came to visit me and said "You look 10 years younger!".  I took that as confirmation that Perricone is working!!



Just posted this in another thread about anti-aging concerns, but have a read Smiley Happy


If anti-aging, fine lines, wrinkles, or loss of elasticity is a concern, look into products with these three ingredients:


-Retinol, it comes in various types, vitamin A, retinyl palmitate, retinol A, etc. Anything in a "palmitate" form will normally be more mild that a straight up retinol. Retinol is one of the key combatants in anti-aging products because it does it all! It diminishes the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and even sun/age spots because it helps to shed dead skin that can emphasize these issues and increases healthy cell turnover to give newer, more regernated skin to surface. With that being said, though it sounds like a miracle product, retinol does come with precautions. As it's such a potent ingredient, retinol can make skin a bit sensitized, be sure to follow up with SPF especially if you're using it in the morning, and start off any retinol regimen with using it everything second or third night for a good week or two. See how your skin reacts to the potency of the product. As time goes and you seen your skin doesn't have any negative reactions or begins to build a tolerance, move it to using every other day until you can use it nightly. Normally retinol may cause some mild redness or dryness upon initial use, but if you notice significant effects or even painful irritation, stop use. It's best to jump into things slowly and patiently rather than full speed to avoid any misaps. Peter Thomas Roth, Roc, and Philosophy make some great retinol based products.


-Peptides/amino acids, as these are the building blocks for us, getting to infuse them back into skin help provide an instaneous result and build to longer lasting ones as well. Peptides essentially are infused into the skin and the particles "plump" or swell up in the gaps where collagen and elastin are lacking, thus making skin firmer and softening the fine lines and wrinkles from the inside out. Peptides are great because they really do start working within a minute or two of usage and put back into the skin what has either broken down over time or was lacking to start with. Studio Gear (Ulta and Macys) has a product called Revisionist that I've seen work wonders!!! What's great is that it can be used on the face and the eye area (most skin care products, especially in regards to potent anti-aging ingredients aren't made for both as the eye area is so sensitive and the potency factor can somethings irritate the delicate skin). You can tap it into smile/frown lines, crows feet, wrinkles, use it to perk up saggy lids or cheeks, lines around the lips, even the neck. I love this product!


-Humectants, these help to increase moisture levels in skin as well hydrated skin shows issues likes fine lines/wrinkles, dryness/patchiness less. Humectants not only hydrate the skin, but they bind moisture particles to the skin to hydrate over time and through the course of a day so your moisturizing properties aren't just getting soaked in and used up within the first 10 minutes of application. Ingredients like sodium hyaluronate, hyaluronic acid, and royal jelly are some types of humectants to look for. You can normally find humectants in moisturizers, but sometimes they appear in treatments or serums as well. Ole Heriksen's Truth Serum combines humectants along with vitamin C to hydrate, plump, and brighten skin by harnessing collagen building ingredients as well. Collagen particles themselves are too large to penetrate the skin's barrier so often times ingredients "with collagen" don't deliver as well as they say they do as they just sit on the surface. But vitamin C works internally to help boost collagen production in skin.


My mother used the immortelle line from L'occitane with great success. She can also see a difference with Murad and Shiseido, especially their serums. Ole Henriksen, Estee Lauder, and Origins feel nice but are not as effective on wrinkles. I've also heard great things about Caudalie and Lancome, but we haven't tried those yet. (my criteria was effective anti-agers for real wrinkles, not "first sign of aging" or "dehydration lines", that are not too heavy and <$80).


Yeah, I had that problem too when I started buying anti-aging cream for my mom. There's all these anti-aging creams with wonderful reviews that raves about how nice it smells, how good it feels, and how moisturizing it is, and I'm like...aaaand wrinkles?!?!?! Not dehydration lines, not how you think or feels that it's good for wrinkle-prevention, do they work on real wrinkles.


Depending on what stage you of aging you think you are there are a couple of different products. Philosophy's Miracle Worker line has a great assortment of products from eyecreams and serums to moisturizers. If your looking for something to repair and prevent for advanced signs of aging Perricone has all different stages of aging products they use amazing ingredients like vit c ester, alpha lipoic acid and Dmae, its worth the $$.

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I am 55 but look and feel younger.

My essentials:

Renova, sunscreen EVERY day and this fab procedure called Accent Laser that tightened up my neck.

Lots of fish oils, evening primrose oil and flax seed oil with vitamin C.

Argan oil added to my moisturizer at night.

A good relationship helps too....

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I have tried many different brands including Perricone, Dr. Brandt's and I even splurged on La Prarie's White Caviar, but the most effective, potent blend that I have found is a product called Elite Serum.  I picked it up at my derm's office.  It's a lightweight powerful serum that treats all under eye related issues, which is great because it eliminated my need for a moisutirzer and a dark circle corrector.  Any time I can replace multiple products with one all inclusive product, I'm a happy lady.

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Hey April2191,


I'm not 50 but I think for your best interest you should be looking at pharmaceutical strength products, something that goes further that just the surface of your skin. The best place to do this is to make an appointment with a dermatologist or research on line. I 'll be glad to help you with any questions you have, I always look for the best! Smiley Happy

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I've tried so many different products along the way, and never got attached to any.  Then I started researching ingredients and learned about all the really bad possible side effects from a lot of the chemical ingredients and preservatives like parabens and sulfates.  I quickly switched to all natural products and recently stumbled across my new "can't live without" products!  It's from a company called Airelle. Their serum and repair cream are amazing!  The Eye & Lip product travels with me everywhere.  And if you look into their ingredients you will see that they include pretty much all of the "good stuff" that everyone talks about, like Vit A, E and C, Hyaluronic Acid, etc.  It is extremely hard to find, but I buy mine through their website.  I believe it was created by a Dermatologist, so I trust it a lot more than some of the other natural brands out there.  Its pretty much the only product I've used so far that is all natural and I see great results.  I've actually never been complimented so much on my skin since I started using it.  Hope this helps!

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