Best "splurge" treatment for my skin for a big night out!I ight?

I have a big event coming up and I am looking for the best "splurge" treatment I could do for my face to plump & improve the tone and texture for the night?  I'm in my 40's with lines, dull & saggy skin....etc.   Thanks!

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I have a few favorites - 


Keeping in mind that these are OTC treatment options and although very useful, I think managing expectations of waht is possible is very important. 


I think that amazing skin is worth the effort. A god clinical skin care regimen is important.



I have not been in the sun in over 13 years! LOVE SPF!!! Also - avoid "bad atmosphere" and stay very well hydrated. Also, eat clean and healthy (avoid salt to decrease puffiness) - all shows on your face. Step up your efforts the week BEFORE to make the most of what you have naturally. 


I use PHILOSOPHY Purity in the AM and PM with a clarisonic. I used a prescription retonid every other night most year round. I also have a light amount of Botox 2x year (lasts a long time on me) and have been able to avoid fillers (fish faces are NOT attractive).


I use the Dr. Drennis Gross Extra Strength AB peel on alternate nights away from the retonid. I also have been adding the PHILOSOPHY Triple peel pads 2x week and have really loved the day after effect (and the overall effect too - will likely keep using!). 


I also use whatever eye cream I have on hand (love samples) under my eyes (pat it on) and Ole Henriksen Lifting Eye Gel every night after all else is done!  Plan to sleep 7-8 hours every night - VITAL for looking your best. I love a sleep mask for extra darkness ( never thought I would use them, but occasionally they are lifesavers!) 


But to answer the ???  - and for a SPECIAL EVENT!


For extra oomph - I like the PHILOSOPHY Triple Peel Pads - but I would use them every other day for 4 uses (last one the night before) before the big event. You MUST use an adqueate SPF during the day as you will have some sun sensitivity. 


I also like Givenchy BLACK FOR LIGHT set of masks. You get 9 in the set and they are a bit pricey, but every time I have used them I simply GLOW after and even more the day after. For a really special occiasion - I'd use the day before and the day of about 6 hours prior to the event.  Yep - at 44 - I GLOW - and the mask feels amazing - hydrating & luxurious. 


That is my PLAN. 


And SMILE - nothing ever looks better on anyone!


Good Luck!!!

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