Anti-aging and Acne

I'm 33 and interested in using anti-aging products, yet I'm still fighting acne. What is the best product for me to use?

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Retinol does help combat many aging factors, but for someone who may not be used to the product it can cause a bit of sensitivity. Milder forms like vitamin A and retinly palmitate are more gentle to skin and in a variety of skin care products such as creams, lotions, and serums.


For something to treat the acne, try using an alpha/beta hydroxy face wash. Alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxy acids help to gently exfoliate the skin chemically without the aid of harsh scrubbing ingredients like sugar granuals or ground up nut shell powder and it also helps to increase cell turn over a more steady rate to soften the look of wrinkles over time and give way to smoother skin.


Peter Thomas Roth makes a great gel based cleanser (which gel bases are great for oily/acne prone skin as it blasts through oil easier than a cream based cleanser) which helps to treat aging and acne factors.


Glycolic acid (alpha hydroxy) are fruit sugars/proteins that help brighten the complexion and salicylic acid (beta hydroxy) helps with the acne. I am a big fan of that cleanser and love how refreshing it feels.


If you have a break out, try using a spot treatment with benzoyl peroxide, which helps to introduce oxygen to the clogged pore to help clear skin, Neutrogena's On the Spot Treatment (in the white tube) is great for that as it has a mild but effective dose without overpowering and drying out skin. There are also tons of salicylic acid treatments out there, I feel like it's over kill if you're getting it in your cleanser already, but there's also sulphur, which is making a way into more acne treatments. Murad and Dermalogica both have spot treatments with sulphur which are great to dry out white heads in a matter of hours.


If you do pick a retinol based treatment, try to use it at night to start off and if you choose to find a day time formula, follow it up with SPF as it does make skin sensitive and you don't want sensitive skin exposed to UV damage. Peter Thomas Roth also has a great kit with the cleanser and their PM retinol treatment.



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