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19 years old and eye cream?
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I'm verry concerned about my skin and have tried to take good care of it since i was probably 12. Recently I've been seeing you should start using eye creams at 17, while other things tend to say that you don't even need anti-aging products at this age and that they will do more harm instead of good. Should I start using eye cream or any anti-aging products and if so, which ones? I don't have a lot of money to spend on a whole new line of products, but I would splurge on something really good. Good drugstore brands are also welcome.  


P.S.- As far as actual concerns for my eyes go, I mainly worried about prevention, however around my eyes can get dry and flaky when using just about anything. So maybe something moisturizing would be good.

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You don't need anti-aging right now because, being 17, your skin is still changing/growing just as your body still is. Anti-aging stuff usually contain potent ingredients that try to change the skin, and that can interfer with how your skin naturally change and result in worse things.


However, moisturizing is important everywhere at every age, so if you get dry/flaky eyes you definitely should use an eye cream, just not an anti-aging one (which is good since those are the expensive ones). Clinique All About Eyes is a great rich/velvety moisturizer, Origins Eye Doctor feels very refreshing and the skin just drinks it up (my fav). Both of those are ~$30-$40. If you are looking into drugstore eye cream, Boots no.7 is an excellent British brand carried in Target (a researcher once did experiment to prove that anti-aging stuff are bogus, but end up discovering that Boots no.7 Protect&Perfect actually does have a positive effect, which caused a Boots craze and yada yada).

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