sore and dry eyelids in the creases! Im 16 please help me!
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im 16 and I just started getting dryness in the crease area of my eyelids. It burns when i try to put my moisturizer on it. I tried putting neosporin and that didnt help either. I also tried using the smiths rosebud salve which didnt help either. Its at the point where they are so dry and sore i cant even put on eyeshadow and i hate it! please help!! Thank you!


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Have you tried Clinique All about eyes, and/or Origins Eye Doctor?


I get dry lids and flakes on my lashline, Clinique All About Eyes used to work but now my skin changed and it doesn't, so I use Origins Eye Doctor. Once when I got raw/dry skin patch due to harsh eye makeup/remover experimentation, I cleansed then put some argan oil on.


Try very basic eye moisturizers like Origins Eye Doctor, or tiny dab of some pure oil. Rose Salve is more protection than moisturizing.

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