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For as long as I can remember, I've had these tiny bumps that gather around the inner corner of my eye and along my dark circles. I really, really hate them! They kind of look like chicken skin, but they don't really feel bumpy or anything. I've seen pictures of milia, and that is definitely not what I have. These little bumps don't ever go away and they never move. Some people say that they've started to notice this chicken skin under their eyes as they aged, but I'm a Sophomore and I've had this problem my whole life! I've done a little research, and so far all of the fixes have been really complicated and confusing. Please give me a solution! I like to take good care of my skin, but I'd much rather just buy a lotion or something than see a dermatologist. Thanks for all your help!
since i just got lash extensions, i can't use any cleanser that's oil-based. which facial cleanser would you prefer that's oil-free?
It's getting pretty hot where I live, and I think it's important for me to get a better sunscreen-right now I use a tinted moisturizer with spf 15, but I don't know if that's enough.  Are there any drugstore brands of sunscreen that won't have that horrible smell that never goes away?  Also, when should I apply it in my makeup routine? (I use a moisturizer, primer, and tinted moisturizer, then a setting powder)  Thanks!!   ps. I have dry skin-I don't know if that makes any difference with sunscreen.  Thank you!
I really want to buy a Clarisonic Mia but I'm afraid that it might stimulate the hair on my face to grow thicker. I really don't want my peach fuzz to become more noticeable.    I read this online: Topical hair growth  is caused by sustained surface irritation to an area. These methods can stimulate the blood supply to an area, bringing more nourishment to the area. This can stimulate hair growth.    Has this happened to anyone using the Clarisonic?  
Hi! I have a bad habit of not wearing sunscreen but I just moved to the high desert and it's clearly necessary. How much spf do I need and can you recommend a sunscreen or moisturizer with spf (sephora or drugstore) that isn't greasy, won't cause acne, and can be worn smoothly under makeup? And on that note, should I wear foundation primer over the sunscreen? Thanks. 
SK II's Cellumination line has been discontinued and pulled from the US market. Sephora still carries the cream and lotion from that line which I believe is existing stock waiting to be sold.  But the cellumination Aura Essence is gone, even from department stores. The asian market has it's replacement of with the Genoptics line. Anyone have any ideas when and if Sephora will add Genoptics to their SK II offering?
Hey guys, so I'm 27 with fair, sensitive, acne prone skin especially hormonal acne. I   am thinking of changing up my skin care routine, BUT I have been using Origins plantscription am with SPF 25 and the night a mins cream at night (both creams are oil free too) for probably 2-3 years now. I just feel like maybe I need something new for my skin, I have been looking at Lancome and some other products, but I just dont know what to go with? obviously I would like a day cream that has SPF in it and im all about anti-aging products it is never too early to start for that. So I need some advice what are the best products to maybe try out that are reasonable or maybe just keep my routine the way it is? 
does anyone have one?  If you go to Amazon there are many for sale.  Ranging from 30 to $100.  I have a Luna a clarisonic and the Pmd.  Let me know what you think.  I'm debating buying one.  Thanks
So I went to sephora today to try the Boscia clear cleansing regimen.. i have washed my face and i feel its way better then what i was using.. guess my face likes expensive products.. lol.. and i tried the vaccum cleaner from dr brandt?.. am i doing something wrong i waited 15 minutes and the cream dried up in separate patches? did i not put enough? then when i went to wash it off.. i noticed all the blackheads still there?.. does it take 2 tries?.. also can someone recommned a good exfloliator.. thanks alot ladies
My glam glow youth mud (tingle exfoliate) dried up. I did take the foil lining of but I never used it. Has anyone had the same problem and what did you do ? Can I fix it by adding water? Glam said you can return the unused product for credit or exchange it for another product if you bought it at glam  but it was a gift from Sephora. What do I do ?!?
I cannot decide which is better for me-my main concern are fine wrinkles, but I like that smart will firm a bit. I worry that if I use smart, I won't be getting the full benefit of wrinkle fighting that repairwear nightline offers. Thoughts? 
Hey ya'll. So I recently broke out a month ago and thought the toothpaste method would help me. I accidentally left it on a little too long and got a burn which turned into a scar a few days later. Any tips/products that can help fade the scar. I like going without makeup or very little but now I have to use concealer and mix foundations to make sure it is hidden. Thanks!
Hello! I have a question for those of you who have been to a dermatologist. Do they have some sort of skincare ingredient testing? For example, would they be able to say, You're allergic to Titanium Dioxide and Niacinamide. Or would they just say, You have sensitive skin. Avoid x, y and z.   It seems like everything I try, even if the product says it's for sensitive skin, I break out in red spots/bumps which I assume are from allergic irritation. When I stop using the product, the bumps go away.   The two products that I've been trying to look for are a moisturizer with SPF higher than 15 and something to lessen post acne marks. It has not been a simple task!   Any insight or info would be so appreciated! Thanks.
I've recently gotten interested in skincare and way too obsessed with trying to find the best of each type of product.  How do you ladies trial your skincare products? And how long do you give a product before you decide it isn't working?    I've been using Sunday Riley Start Over on one eye and Bliss Energizing Eye Gel on the other for the past two weeks and I don't think I've seen a difference yet. The SR eye might be slightly better, or that's just what I want to see...I can't tell.  Is two weeks long enough? 
Hey guys I recently turned 23 and while there's nothing wrong with my face (it's honestly in the best shape it's ever been in ) I'd still like to take some preventative measures with it.   That said, I'd like start out with an eye cream and build up from there. Does anybody have any suggestions for an eye cream to try? As I said, I don't have any problems yet so I wouldn't need anything that's targeted towards dark circles or dryness or something like that; just a basic, daily maintenance eye cream.   I have normal skin, if that affects the suggestions.   Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!!
I need to know more about BHT.  I received a sample of Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Booster and it has BHT in it.   But what does that mean ?   Thanks in advance!
I waxed for the first time (in a salon) on my upper lip yesterday, and now my upper lip is in a whiter tone than the rest of my face and it looks like I have a white moustache. I don't have any white pimples or any other problem, but it looks like a white stripe against my brown skin tone, what can I do about this? I have school tomorrow too :/
Can anyone recommend a product to fix it or at least make it not so noticeable
I used to use chemical sunscreens like from Neutrogena but they burned my eyes so I switched to physical sunscreens.I used the Shiseido for face/body SPF 50 in a blue bottle. However, I found those too drying. I feel like I'm at a dead end here in terms of finding a sunscreen that works for me. Can someone recommend a sunscreen that won't burn my eyes, isn't drying, doesn't feel greasy and doesn't have that sunscreen smell? It seems like a tall order but I'd appreciate any recommendations.
I purchased the birthday box a while ago, and completely loved it! My keratosis pilaris is almost gone at this point (although it may partly be due to using lotion regularly), and I want to repurchase. I was just wondering if the body butter was any better or worse? You get more product for the money in the lotion, but maybe the body butter goes farther? idk and I only want to buy one lol
Hello! First time posting, but I am going on vacation to the Caribbean at the beginning of March and was wondering what everyone would recommend for sunscreen (both body and face!) given the latest or upcoming products. I heard a whisper about the Sun Safety Kit Sephora released last year being awesome, but fear it will not come out in time. Thanks for any suggestions!   I have pretty normal skin (rarely breakout, not dry nor oily) but definitely do not want a product that'll cause problems!
  Hi there! This is my first time posting. I have a question about blush and finding the right color for your skin tone. I have very pale skin and have never used blush because I am naturally flushed in a pink tone. Now that I am 25, I feel like I need to wear blush in order to pull my entire makeup look together. I have tried using pink blush after applying my powder, and I have had success. However, my problem is that I wear very bold makeup often. When I wear bright red lipstick, I feel that the pink blush contradicts the overall color palette of my face that day. Is there some sort of red based blush that would help solve my problem? I do not think that peach blush will work with my cool skin tone. Any suggestions? Any help is appreciated.   This is the typical makeup I wear to work with pink blush.    This is an example of a bold eye that I wear with classic red lips.  
What line is better for sensitive skin. Soy fresh or first aid beauty? I have some from both but would prefer to stick with one brand for everything.    Thanks!
Hello, so I have sensitive and dry skin and I am currently using aveeno sensitive skin cleanser and face cream and my face is still breaking out. Using Noxzema helps with the redness and irritation but my skin is still itchy especially with the winter months coming up. I'm afraid to wear makeup because I don't want to make it any worse. Does any one have any suggestions for skin care or foundation that would work well with my skin. Thanks for your help.  
I'm currently using First Aid's Ultra Repair Moisturizer for the face and am wondering if I can use their regular Ultra Repair Cream as a facial cream. The face cream is 1.7 oz for $28 and the body cream is 6 oz for the same price. Will the body cream make my face oily or clog my pores?    Thanks!
HI. I am seeking some help in choosing a good wash and moisturizer for red sensitive skin that is a little dry in the cheeks. I have been using First Aid Beauty which is good but the moisturizer finishes too fast and then with the style of the bottle I am not even sure when its finishing and now I am stuck without moisturizer till I Run to Sephora. I need something to last some time. Thanks.
I have some freckles on my nose, under my eyes, and on my forehead. They really bother me because it makes my face look dirty and very un-flawless! I was wondering if there is a product to make them disappear. I don't really want a lightnener, I want them to go away!! Please give me any reccommendations
I've been wanting to try BB Creams but don't know if it's worth it. For those of you who have tried it, what do you think of it? Also,  which one would you recommend over others? Finally, how pale do you have to be to wear a BB cream? Doesn't really have anything to do with Sephora but I would appreciate your help. Thanks