putting cream from pump into jar

I have this stretch mark cream that comes in those tubes that have a lid and you squeeze out the cream. I was wondering if I transfer this cream to a jar- will I waste a lot of it from the tube? what kind of jar will stay good for a while? is it hygenic? I have many opened bottles of these tubes, and some closed, can I put them altogether?


The thing is I am currently working out and I have many stretch marks. I work out/shower random hours. I am supposed to use this cream twice a day. I started using it after showering and before moisturizing my body but having to squeeze the tube and go back and forth felt so time consuming (like I said I have a lot of stretch marks!). I got lazy and haven't used the cream since four months ago when I first bought it. I just think a jar would be easier to go about.


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If you're concerned about the hygenics of using a jar, maybe you could consider putting the product into a pump bottle--something like this?



I love airless pumps--you don't waste as much product as with the squeeze tubes, but it's still more hygenic than a jar because your fingers don't touch the product.

However, I don't think Sephora sells them separately, but you may be able to find one with other retailers.


Another great idea would be to always use clean spatulas when handling the product from the jar. Smiley Happy

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