my beauty diary face masks for smokers-halp!
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So, I recently started using my beauty diary face masks. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried them? When I opened the package and put it on it wasnt a mask like i had expected, but a sheet that veils your face that is soaked in liquid and you've got to leave it on for 20 mins. 

They're amazing! And the ones I've tried smell fabulous.  


Did I mention the whole box is written in Japanese? 


I know you shouldn't smoke (please don't bash in your reply) and I know it really damages the skin, but I've been scouring the internet- is it safe to smoke a cigarette while wearing this product? 
I'm kind of scared to until I know for sure, to be honest.


Much love, peccavi 

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Just wait 20 minutes to smoke. Or smoke before you use the mask......

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