i need help with my sunburn!

i was in the pool and my upper back, shoulders, and face got burned so bad! Smiley Sad i was in so much pain, my shirt rubbed on it, and now my burn is peeling! i look scaley and like a lizard! i wouldn't mind so much as it is summer and i don't have to go to school, but in 9 days, i have to go to califronia for a week! i'll be at the pool and beach in a swimsuit (a bikkini, can't buy another last minute) and my mom is going to want to take millions of pictures! and put them on facebook! how can i quickly heal my burn and get back to normal? kudus to you if you help!

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Try using the Koress cooling yogurt. You'll instantly notice the redness going down and a cooling sensation. It will also help reduce peeling and irritation. I've seen girls that are lobster red put this on and in minutes the red has calmed down.

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