how to get rid of blemishes

What products can i use to get rid of acne/blemishes on my face, Ive tried facial cleansers but they do not work

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The best thing to do is to stick with a regimen. Even the best cleansers aren't as effective as they could be without a treatment and moisturizer. While I know that professionals and Sephora associates may recommend a regimen from the same brand, I think it's best to try a variety. I personally like products from Origins, Dermadoctor, and Murad. Again, I'm talking about acne products. I hope this helps and good luck!


I've had acne too and it's frustrating.  Definitely go to A Dermatologist bc that is who will help,the most.  I will

 say that Kate Somerville EradKate is a great product to dry them up quickly .  It's pink and not pretty on ur face, but works.


I've suffered with acne for years. Everyone's skin is different, but here has been my successful combination for the past six months:



Boscia Clear Complexion Cleanser with Botanical Blast

or Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser

I love both but I give a slight edge to the Detox black cleanser because my skin has great luck with glycolic acid as a clarifying ingredient.

Toner: This step is totally not necessary, but if you like a toner here is my recommendation.

I really like the Kate Somerville Clarifying Treatment Toner. It has Phytic Acid in it which is a natural exfoliator; brightens skin tone and diminishes the appearance of acne scars.

It doesn't leave your skin tight and dry.


I have to go with Kate Somerville on this one again. After years of only using the Proactiv treatment (nothing else worked), I wanted to get away from it due to the use of parabens and preservatives they use. I found the Kate Somerville Anti Bac clearing lotion which has 5% benzoyl peroxide. It doesn't leave my skin dry either.


If you tend to be oily/normal then I love the Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation Moisturizer.

It has Vitamin C and Licorice Root to brighten and lighten acne scars and reduce inflammation.


I would recommend stopping by Sephora and grabbing some samples to give some of these a try for a few weeks and see if it makes a difference.

Good Luck!


Boscia - Clear Complexion Cleanser with Botanical BlastBoscia - Detoxifying Black Cleanser

Kate Somerville - Clarifying Treatment TonerKate Somerville - Anti Bac Clearing LotionOle Henriksen - Sheer Transformation


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The Clinique line is fantastic.
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A great product that i reccomend for getting rid of blemishes is the facial mud mask glam glow!

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